How to Apply


Thank you for your interest in the CCSF Registered Nursing Program. The R.N. Program is an integral part of the Community College and combines general education and nursing courses. The aim of the program is to prepare selected candidates to function at the entry level position of R.N. in health facilities and agencies. It is strongly recommended that you read the information handout and review the college catalog for detailed information about the Registered Nursing Program.





  • Nursing application cycle for Spring 2018 admission begins August 20, 2017 - September 11 , 2017 (Deadline) Monday by 4:00PM.

  • Application cycle for Fall 2018 admission begins January 20 - February 10.


  • Students who completed English and Math courses at another college/university must bring their transcripts from that college to the CCSF Matriculation Office, Conlan Hall Room 204 to obtain a waiver for placement testing for those courses.  See English and Math Placement Testing Waiver Process. Provide your fax number, email address, or mailing address of how you want to receive the completed waiver form from the Matriculation Office.  Submit the completed waiver form with your nursing application.



Information and instructions about the multi-criteria are on the Nursing Program website.  Review and provide all mandatory supporting documentation form(s) with your nursing application packet.

  • Supporting Documentation Forms:                                                                                                                                                         Work or Volunteer Experience in Healthcare Verification (Criteria 4)                                                                                                    Life Experience or special circumstances, Military Service (Criteria 5 & 6)                                                                                



  • You must have a valid Social Security Number to put on the enrollment form. Since, in some cases, it takes more than one year to obtain a Social Security Number from the government, we cannot accept applications from anyone without possession of this number at the time of application.  This number is used to run part of the Criminal Background check.
  • Complete an application for admission or readmission to the College at the Registrar's Office in order to obtain a City College of San Francisco student ID number.  This ID number must also be written in the enrollment form.



  • Applications are available bi-annually during the enrollment period.
  • Fall enrollment:  Applications will be available starting January 20 - February 10 (Filing deadline: February 10 by 4:00 PM). Applications for enrollment will not be accepted for consideration either before January 20 or after February 10. It is the applicant's responsibility to provide complete and accurate supporting documents by the closing dates.  Applications that are incomplete on the closing dates cannot be considered for review.
  • Spring enrollment:  Applications will be available starting August 20 - September 10 (Filing deadline: September 10 at 4:00 PM). Applications for enrollment will not be accepted for consideration either before August 20 or after September 10.  
  • You may pick up the application on available starting date from the Nursing Office Room C340, Cloud Hall Bldg. (Ocean Campus) or may download an enrollment form at the nursing website.
  •  If January 20, February 10, August 20 or September 10 fall on a Saturday, Sunday, or school holiday, then the deadline will be the subsequent school day.  If you mail the enrollment forms to the nursing office, it must be IN the nursing office by 4:00 PM NOT postmarked "4:00 PM" of the deadline date. 



  • Selection of regular enrollees will include the current admission requirements and multi-criteria. The department will review the enrollment forms, transcripts, waivers, supporting documents, test scores to insure we select only qualified applicants to fill our available slots.
  • For LVNs Only, a separate current admission requirements and  multi-criteria selection process for those apply for Advanced Placement (Admission into the program is subject to space availability or results of Challenge Exam). 
  • Notification of Space: Qualified applicants will be sent notification by mail (U.S. Postal) approximately 8-10 weeks after the submission deadline of Conditional Enrollment selection and must notify us within the specified time stated of acceptance or refusal.  If there is no response within the stated time, the application will be disqualified and another person will be selected in their place with the same stipulations.
  • Disqualified applicants will be notified by mail (U.S. Postal) along with the reason(s) for the disqualifications.
  • Do not contact the Nursing Office for results, office staff will not provide the information.  It is the applicants' responsibility to insure their contact addresses and phone numbers are kept current with our department.
  • Beginning with the Fall 2017 enrollment, all qualified applications selected for conditional enrollment for FALL AND SPRING will be required to take the ATI "Test for Essential Academic Skills" (TEAS).  The applicants must submit their FIRST ATTEMPT score.  The applicant must receive an overall composite score of 62% passing on ATI TEAS first attempt in order to be eligible to enroll in the program.  TEAS version V or lower WILL NOT be accepted.  
  • Those applicants who do not receive an overall composite score of 62% on the ATI TEAS test must successfully complete a remediation plan and remediation coursework.  The student must demonstrate successful completion of the remediation plan over one year and successful retaking of the ATI TEAS test with a passing score in order to be eligible for admission.  If an applicant does not successfully complete the remediation plan and coursework, or pass the exam the applicant is disqualified.  The applicant will not be able to enroll in the Nursing Program and must reapply at a later date.
  • If an applicant selected for admission to the Registered Nursing Program has taken the ATI TEAS at a prior college, they may request their scores be sent to City College of San Francisco Nursing Department from ATI online (  The same passing score criteria will apply.
  • If an applicant selected for admission to the Registered Nursing Program has taken the TEAS produced by the National League for Nurses or HESI, they may submit their results to the Nursing Department for evaluation for equivalency to the ATI TEAS passing score.
  • Many of our hospitals with which we affiliate require that all students undergo Criminal Background Check and urine screening for drugs and alcohol.  These services are provided by a third party affiliate, and the cost for these services must be paid for by the students.  We will provide the written instructions for your online registration and payment.  A breakdown of the costs will be provided during orientation.  If hospitals do not accept the findings from either screening your nursing education may be delayed or you may not be able to attend the nursing program at City College of San Francisco due to inability to attend the hospitals for the clinical component of each core nursing course.