Administration of Justice

and Fire Science

Fire Academy Cadets 
train for eighteen weeks and are certified as Educational Firefighter 1's upon their graduation.

We prepare students for entry level positions in public safety. We also assist currently employed officers with their professional development by offering courses that lead to advanced certifications in their specialty of employment.

Our instructors are subject matter experts through their employment as police officers or as Firefighters and through their advanced study in their chosen fields.

Areas of Study

We have courses in the Administration of Justice, Fire Science Technology, and Forensic Science. See our entry in the Catalog here.

Students can take entry courses in Fire Science Technology to qualify for various certificates or a major in Fire Science Technology depending on the student's educational goal.

To qualify for employment as a Firefighter, complete CCSF's Fire Academy and three semesters of our fire internship program, which qualifies one to be certified by California State Fire Training as a Firefighter 1. (Click here for course requirements.)


We currently offer three majors (See Catalog here):

  • Administration of Justice (AS-T)
  • Administration of Justice (AS)
  • Fire Science Technology (AS)

Certificate Programs

We currently offer eight certificate programs (See Catalog here):

  • Administration of Justice
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Criminal and Constitutional Law
  • Fire Company Officer
  • Fire Officer
  • Fire Protection
  • Firefighter 1 Academy
  • Homeland Security