Office of (On- Campus) Student Employment

Due to COVID-19, the CCSF Office of Student Employment will be closed to face-to-face contact with students effective Friday, March 13, 2020 and will remain closed to face-to-face contact until further notice. For student employment assistance, please contact us at


The Office of Student Employment assists in the process of hiring student workers for on- campus employment. Our mission is to implement on- campus student employment as an educational experience which will contribute to our student's professional and personal maturity. Thank you for your interest in student employment.


How to begin

City College of San Francisco students seeking on- campus employment must log in to Web4 to begin the Student Hiring Eligibility Process (SHEP).  

Overview of SHEP in Web4:

  1. Review/ update your personal information. 
  2. Must be enrolled at City College to work on campus. Fall/ Spring: Credit students 6 units, International F-1/ M-1 students 12 units, non- credit students 12 hours/ wk. Summer: Credit students 3 units, International F-1/ m-1 students 3 units, non-credit students 6 hours/ wk. 
  3. Complete your two- step Tuberculosis (TB) Screening and Clearance, first schedule an appointment with Student Health Services to complete a health questionaire.    
  4. Document your understanding of the CCSF Sexual Harassment Policy.
  5. Document your employment history with the City and County of San Francisco or City College of San Francisco. 
  6. Complete payroll related forms. *Online access has been temporarily disabled, please use direct deposit form located on the bottom right side of this webpage. Please turn in the DDA form, photo ID, and voided check to Payroll in Cloud Hall 324.
  7. Print "Eligible for Hire" page. View on- campus jobs:
  8. Once you have been offered an on- campus job, obtain a Form I-9 and take it, with the appropriate documentation, to Student Employment. 

Please log in to WEB4 to complete these steps. 

For detailed step by step instructions please review the Student Employment Handbook for students, located in right column under Documents. 


Useful tips:

  • Two step  TB procedure and Social Security Cards (for payroll purposes) can delay the hiring process by several weeks. Please plan accordingly.
  • Please submit your consent to the TB information release agreement in SHEP step#3 before visiting the Student Health Services
  • Know what Job Classification you fall under: Federal Work Study, Lab Aide, or Grants/ CalWORKs/ EOPS. Apply for Financial Aid at for Federal Work Study eligibility. Lab Aide funded jobs are available to all CCSF students. Grants/ CalWORKs/ EOPS funded jobs are available to students who meet the eligibility requirements, see departments for details. 
  • Find employment through or inquire in- person within the department before you process your Form I-9 with Student Employment.
  • Obtain a Student Employment Job Offer Form from your potential employer and bring it with you to the Student Employment Office at the time of Form I-9 processing.  
  • International students, please obtain your employment authorization letter from the Office of International Programs (CloudHall 212) and your employer authorization letter from your supervisor before processing your Form I-9.
  • Student workers are paid $15.59/hr (starting July 1, 2019) and can work a maximum of 15 hours per week.


Department-Specific Jobs Pages (partial list)

On-Campus Employers

Please reference the SHEP Brochure for Employers for step by step instructions on how to post a position and hire a student worker. For other inquiries please contact me directly via email or office phone.

GENERAL RULE: Student worker’s may not perform duties that may replace a Classified Employee.


The Student Employment Job Offer Form is intended for new hires in need of Form I-9 processing. The purpose of this form is to verify offer of employment. Please provide him/ her a job offer letter upon offer of employment. Thank you for your cooperation to avoid delays in hiring. 



Off- Campus Employers

College Central Network


Or visit Career Development Counseling: