Whether you are a new college student, a returning student looking to start a new career, or a seasoned tech professional looking to update your skills, we can help you position yourself to apply your knowledge of computing to whichever societal problems interest you most.

CS Information Sheet

Check out our department's information sheet for students and counselors for answers to questions like:

  • Is CS right for me?
  • What class should I start with?
  • How do I get a job as a programmer?

Class Schedule

You can search for computer science classes offered during upcoming terms using the public class schedule or the slightly less up-to-date but more user-friendly unofficial public schedule.

Course Outlines and Program Requirements

Looking for the latest outline for a particular CS course? Or for the list of requirements for a CS certificate or degree? These can be found by clicking the Course Catalog or Program Catalog links on our unofficial public schedule page.

Please note that some of the courses and programs listed on the above pages may be inactive! For information on which courses and programs are active, please refer to the "Computer Science Program Options" pages below and contact the CS Department Chair (jpotter@ccsf.edu) with questions.


For academic help with computer science classes, be sure to check out the Computer Science Tutor Squad! The Tutor Squad offers free CS tutoring on campus and via Zoom. Tutors are current and former CS students and industry professionals who have expertise in a variety of classes.


Before enrolling in any CS class, it is important that you feel comfortable with the following:

  • math at the level of college algebra (especially proficiency with variables and functions)
  • written and spoken English at an advanced academic level

The requirements above are not listed as official prerequisites. However, students with these proficiencies have a much better chance of succeeding in a CS course. Please reach out to the CS Department Chair (jpotter@ccsf.edu) if you have questions or concerns about your math and/or English proficiency.

Students with minimal prior exposure to computing may also want to start with a course on general computer usage, such as MABS 30 (Computer Keyboarding) or MABS 60 (Introduction to Computer Applications for Business).

Many CS classes have other prerequisites that are listed in the catalog and enforced. If you would like to challenge the prerequisite for a CS class, please follow the standard CCSF prerequisite challenge process.

If you are looking to challenge the prerequisite for CS 110C, CS 111C, or CS 270, you may be asked to take a prerequisite challenge exam after submitting your challenge form through the process above. The exam can be taken virtually and requires about 30 minutes. Here are some sample questions to give you an idea of what you might expect on a prerequisite challenge exam:


For general department-related questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Computer Science Department Chair, Jonathan Potter, at jpotter@ccsf.edu.