The Computer Science Department at City College of San Francisco stands in solidarity with people of color who are being targeted by acts of hatred and violence. We stand with the Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities being targeted by police violence. We stand with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community being targeted by violent hate crimes.

We wish to create space for students experiencing frustration and grief at this time. We support efforts to end the continued racial and intersectional oppression against members of communities of color.

To members of our college community looking for ways to get involved or looking for ways to heal, we offer the following resources:

We welcome suggestions for other ways we can help at this time. Please direct suggestions to the Department Chair, Jonathan Potter (


Whether you are a new college student, a returning student looking to start a new career, or a seasoned tech professional looking to update your skills, we can help you position yourself to apply your knowledge of computing to whichever societal problems interest you most.

Class Schedule

You can search for computer science classes offered during upcoming terms using the public class schedule or the slightly less up-to-date but more user-friendly unofficial public schedule.

Need Help?

For academic help with computer science classes, be sure to check out the Computer Science Tutor Squad! The Tutor Squad offers free Zoom tutoring for CS classes. Tutors are current and former CS students and industry professionals who have expertise in a variety of classes.

For general department-related questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Computer Science Department Chair, Jonathan Potter, at