Among 16 best AS Degree in Cybersecurity nationwide

CCSF has been ranked among the 16 best AS Degree in Cybersecurity nationwide - you can check the rankings at the Cybersecurity Guide AS Degree rankings.

Congratulations to the CNIT Department that is, once again, elevating the name of CCSF due to the quality of the program offered!

Another great achievement for CNIT Cybersecurity Team

CCSF team at CPTC 2023 receiving second place award
CCSF Team at CPTC 2023

CPTC (Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition) focuses on training and evaluating the activities teams are likely to perform during a real-world penetration testing engagement which is a task conducted by companies, professional services firms, and internal security departments around the world. The competition is not about defending your network, searching for flags, or claiming ownership of systems.

The CNIT Cybersecurity team competed at the CPTC West 2023 against top 4-year college such as: University of CA Santa Cruz, San Francisco State University, CA State University Chico, Stanford University, Oregon State University, etc. and the team was awarded 2nd place staying just behind Stanford University.

Great accomplishment having the unpaid efforts of professors Sam Bowne, Elizabeth Biddlecome, and Richard Wu mentoring the students to achieve this great award! Congrats!

Celebrating Students' Achievements Fall 22 - Spring 23

Going beyond any cuts, we had students that achieved great marks towards their career path and the CNIT staff congratulates each one of those students!

Some students completed the AS Degree and/or Certificates. Some got their Industry Certificates, and others got a job or a promotion after completing their program with CNIT! Congrats to all of you!

Check it out the video below showing our CNIT Students' Achievements for the school year of Fall 2022 and Spring 2023.

Cybersecurity team's great result at Cyber Competition Spring 23

The CNIT cybersecurity team was placed in the top 10 of the Cyber Skyline Intercollegiate Cybersecurity Competition.
Every year more than 10,000 students from 500 colleges and universities compete in this event. As you can see, from the link provided, CNIT team came at number three! During this past competition the team got 5th place.

There are a few areas where a community college outshines the likes of the UC system and Cal Poly and this team, together with our nationally recognized professor Sam Bowne belong to one of those areas! You can check more information about this great achievement at professor Bowne's page that shows the picture of the team, the name of the students (participants), and the name of the competition.

CNIT Cybersecurity program shines in competition

A letter from Cyber Skyline was sent to CNIT Department to congratulate the CCSF Cybersecurity team led by Sam Bowne that were placed #3 nationally in the Cyber Power Rankings where 470 colleges and universities, bringing over 7500 students, compete in the NCL Fall 2022 Season.

CNIT Students Chosen for Salesforce Summer Internship

Two students from the CNIT 106 course of professor Sandy Jones, were chosen for the Salesforce Summer Internship

  • Malik Williams
  • Ambrogino Giusti

Another student, Dylan Colazo (a veteran) completed the modules and is ready to take the certification!

Celebrating Students' Achievements Fall 21 - Spring 22

Still having most of classes online, we had students that achieved great marks towards their career path and the CNIT staff congratulates each one of those students!

Some students completed the AS Degree and/or Certificates. Some got their Industry Certificates, and others got a job or a promotion after completing their program with CNIT! Congrats to all students!

Check it out the video below showing our CNIT Students' Achievements during Fall 21-Spring 22.

CNIT student being hired - Dec/2021

Elizabeth Hadik-Barkoczy was hired as an intern at Indeed through CNIT Faculty Sandy Jone's referral at Techtonica. Elizabeth will be performing the duties of a Full-Stack Engineer!

Celebrating Students' Achievements Fall 20 - Spring 21

Even during a crazy year, we had students that achieved great marks towards their career path and the CNIT staff congratulates each one of those students!

Some students got a job, or a promotion. Other students got their industry certificates, some other students finished their AS Degree, and some other students finished their CNIT certificates! Congrats!

Check it out CNIT Students' Achievements during Fall 20-Spring 21 - this is the PowerPoint presentation or you can watch the video below

More great results from CNIT 155 - AWS Cloud Practitioner

logo AWS Cloud PractitionerBefore the class finished we already had two students succeeding in the certification exam to be certified as AWS Cloud Practitioner! Now, during the last week of classes, more students succeeded that exam and are now AWS Cloud Practitioner Certified: David Lau, Eli Wald, Elizabeth Hadik-Barkoczy, Felipe Ortega, Janet Rae, John Fox, Marc Kunze, Peter Ruzevich, Pierre Vignet, Richard Duggan, Richard Duong, Seth Chastain, and Tristan Brody

Congrats to these students and also to professor Abigail Bornstein for the great class!

Another win for the Maker program

The course MAKR 100 has completed the articulation process and has been approved for IGETC Area 3A, effective Fall 2021! Congratulations to professor Maura Devlin-Clancy for leading this great project!

First positive results from CNIT 155 - AWS Cloud Practitioner

logo AWS Cloud Practitioner The class CNIT 155 - AWS Cloud Practitioner - taught, for the first time in Spring 2021, has already produced its first results in the beginning of May/2021 when the class has not even finished! Students Gong Cheng and Fabio Castello Branco were recently certified as AWS Cloud Practitioners!

We are sure these are the first certificates that will be followed by many more! Congrats Gong Cheng, Fabio Castello Branco and congrats to professor Abigail Bornstein for bringing this course to our students!

CNIT students shine in Salesforce certification

CNIT students were referred by CNIT professor Sandy Jones to the Salesforce Pathfinder program and, during Summer/2020, the following students completed their studies and were certified:

Abdul Sultani has been hired by Gusto where he will be applying his Salesforce and CNIT skills!

Mohammad Baktash is working at Enovational as a Salesforce Administrator, after completing the Salesforce program with CNIT referral!

CNIT partners with Carnegie Mellon to develop Cloud Administration Course

CNIT has been working in partnership with the Computer Sciences department of the Carnegie Mellon University in developing an online Cloud Administration course. Professor Richard Taha has been invited to continue working in this Sail project as a Content Advisor in an assignment that will last 3 years, and he will be advising on developing a course in Computer Sciences and Information Technology for community colleges nationwide.

CNIT Cybersecurity Team wins Western Regional CPTC

CNIT Cybersecurity Team, led by instructors Sam Bowne and Elizabeth Biddlecome, won the Western Regional Collegiate PenTesting Competition (CPTC) during the weekend of 10/24-25/2020. You can check the CPTC Twitter page (@nationalcptc) to see the result that was posted. 

The CNIT team competed against top major university teams such as: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Stanford University, University of California, Riverside, University of California, San Diego, and others.

Get to know more about the students of CNIT Cybersecurity Team!

The CCSF Guardsman had a very nice article covering these students' and professors' accomplishments (pages 1 and 3).

Major accomplishment! Congrats CNIT Cybersecurity Team and instructors!

Chancellor recognition of CNIT Faculty 

CNIT Faculty Maura Devlin-Clancy was recognized in the Chancellor's weekly newsletter on 10/19/2020 for her participation in the team that took to CCSF the top prize in the second annual “Pitch for the Trades” competition, an event held by the NACCE (National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship). Congratulations Maura!

CNIT Faculty Certified by AWS

Since this past Summer CNIT is now ready to teach AWS (Amazon Web Services) as 3 of our CNIT faculty have been certified as AWS Cloud Practitioners and AWS Academy Accredited Educators - Abigail Bornstein, Maura Devlin-Clancy, and Tamika Jones.

Congratulations for this great effort!

AWS Cloud Practicioner Badge   AWS Accredited Educator Badge

CNIT Graduation 2019-20

Celebrating students' achievements!
There was no face-to-face celebration, but we are still proud of the achievements of our students!

2 CNIT Instructors at Black Hat Trainings - Singapore 2019

Professors Sam Bowne and Elizabeth Biddlecome had their workshop proposal accepted and will be presenters of Exploit Development for Beginners at the next Black Hat Asia 2019 that will happen in Singapore.
The Black Hat Trainings are the most respected professional training events in the world and CNIT is proud to have two instructors representing the Department!

CNIT Cybersecurity Team shines at Regional Competition

Another success achieved by our CNIT Cyber Security students. The Regional Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition (CPTPC) was hosted by Stanford this year from October 11 through October 13. Our students were competing against Stanford, Cal Poly, UC Davis, Berkley and Riverside. We have consistently beaten all the UCs. We came third after Stanford and Cal Poly. Wonderful achievement for a two-year community college! It is the quality of our professors and dedication of students that makes it possible!

National recognition for CNIT Cybersecurity

In Sep/19, the CNIT Department was recognized by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE-CDE)! This is due to great group work that was started and led by professor Sam Bowne with the creation and updates of many important courses in the Cybersecurity area! This group has grown to a point that now we have alumni students that are faculty members helping the Cybersecurity program to grow! Congratulations to all CNIT staff involved in the process that led to this great recognition!

CNIT 133M with upper level recognition

The beginning of Fall/19 term brought some great news to the CNIT Department as now the CNIT 133M - Mobile Web Dev with HTML, CSS, and JS - has been approved to be a transferable course to the UC System. Here is the list of transferable courses showing CNIT 133M.

CNIT Graduation Party 2018-19

Celebrating students' achievements!
The celebration happened on 5/15/2019 at the end of the last Department Meeting and CNIT instructors were proud to see many names in the AS Degree and students that got jobs or internships related to CNIT area!

CCSF Cybercamp 2019

CCSF Cybercamp is where high school students can learn about cybersecurity skills.

It will start on 7/29/2019 - you can register right now - More information about CCSF Cybercamp...

CCSF Cybersecurity Team 2nd place at WRCCDC Regional

On Saturday 3/3/2019 the CCSF Cybersecurity team competed in the Western Regional Collegiate Cyberdefense Competition and even being the ONLY Community College among other Universities, the CCSF team won 2nd Place - Read more at professor Sam Bowne's website

CCSF Cybersecurity Team won the California Mayors Cyber Cup

CCSF Cybersecurity Competition team won the California Mayors Cyber Cup 2019 on Saturday, 2/23/2019 at San Jose. This type of competition happens across California where cyber teams compete for their city to bring home the coveted perpetual trophy. You can see below some pictures of the CCSF team and trophy. The next competition event will be on 3/1/2019 at the Western Regional Cyber Defense Competition (WRCDC) in Anaheim, California.
ATTENTION!!! In summer, CCSF might be hosting the Cyber Camp 2019 at the Ocean Campus from Monday 7/29/2019 to Friday 8/2/2019.

CCSF Cybersecurity Team made to CCDC Regional

CCSF Cybersecurity competition team has made to CCDC regional for the first time ever. CCSF will be the only Community College against these other Universities: University of Advancing Technology (UAT), Stanford University, Cal Poly Pomona, UC Irvine, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and Sacramento State

CNIT Graduation Party 2017-18

Celebrating students' achievements!
Some highlights of the party!

CNIT Job Fair Spring 18

CNIT Job Fair is coming again for Spring 2018!
Date: Tue 1/23/18
Time: 4:00-5:30PM
Location: Ocean Campus MUB 140

CCSF wins WRCCDC Invitational


Check the complete story and participants faced by our students at professor Sam's website

CNIT Students at CPTC Regionals 2017


CNIT students, coached by instructor Sam Bowne, stood up as finalists at the Collegiate Penetration Testing Championship, Western Regionals - they will be heading to Rochester in November for the National Competition. See more pictures and details about this at Sam's website

CNIT Job Fair - Fall 2017

Date: 08/31 - Thursday
Time: 4PM
Location: Ocean Campus - Cloud 218
More information, email professor Sam Bowne (

Cyber Camp - Summer 2017

Free 5-Day Training led by Faculty/Industry Experts with fun team competitions and awards. For 7th-12th grade students - To participate you can get more information at the Cyber Camp flyer or email professor Richard Wu (