Complete Your English Requirements

Whether you plan to earn a degree and/or transfer, you will need to satisfy the English requirements.

Most CCSF students are eligible to take transfer-level English 1A. Students will be placed into one of two versions of transfer-level English, either a 4-unit English 1A or a 6-unit English 1A +1AS that includes two additional units (or hours) of support. Both versions of this class fulfill the same requirement for transfer or degree completion. Students who are placed into 1A +1AS with support will take English 1A plus a linked section of English 1AS.

If you have taken college courses elsewhere, you may have already satisfied this requirement. Your future goals at CCSF will also impact the English courses you may choose to take. Reach out to the English advisor for more information and make an appointment with a college counselor to help develop your individual educational plan.

Eligibility & Required English Classes

The English Advisor is here to help you determine which course you should take.

Students New to College

If you are a new CCSF student and you do not have a placement, you should go to the Assessment Center.

Students with Previous College Coursework

If you are a transfer student from a community college, UC, or state university, who has taken freshman-level English already, please take your transcript to the Assessment Center.

If you need courses evaluated from an out-of-state or private college, you will need to bring to the Assessment Center a copy of your official transcript (online transcripts not accepted), a course description from the college catalog, and syllabi (if possible).

If you believe your English placement is not accurate, you may speak to the English Advisor.

New students with a high school GPA

Your high school GPA will determine your eligibility for one of two versions of English 1A.

  • 1A without support
  • 1A with support (1A+1AS)

New students without a high school GPA

Your eligibility will be determined in consultation with the Assessment Center.

Questions About Your Eligibility

If you have questions about your eligibility, or you wish to challenge your initial eligibility, please contact the English Advisor.

After passing 1A, you may take one of the following second-semester English classes:

  • English 1B (Writing about Literature)
  • English 1C (Writing about Nonfiction)