City Extension Co-Enrollment registration accommodates students who have reached the maximum number of allowable repeats for a credit class but are still interested in enrolling in the class without receiving credit. Priority for class enrollment is given to credit students and City Extension Co-Enrollment is accepted upon space availability.

If you have taken a credit class the maximum allowable times and would like to repeat the class for no credit you can sign up online using your Visa or Mastercard.

Fill Out Online Form

Once you have completed the payment, you will be emailed a receipt. Please take the receipt with you to class and show it to your instructor. 


  • For all ART Classes, you will need to complete a Co-Enrollment form and return it to the City Extension Office at the Downtown Center, 88 4th Street, 2nd Floor with payment. 
  • Fitness Center Semester Memberships are not part of the No Credit Repeats program. (Currently, pool/facilities access is closed)