Classified Senate Elections

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Classified senate terms are for two consecutive years. Elections take place accordingly. Annually, during the first week in March, nominations for Council representatives will take place. Each member of the Senate is eligible to nominate candidates. During the first week of April, each Classified Senate member will receive a ballot listing all candidates.


The Election Committee is convened during the semester of the upcoming election. Committee members are appointed in their non-running term years to carry out election committee duties.

2021-2022 Cycle Elections Committee Members:

  • Chris Brodie
  • Maria Amador
  • Justin Genevro
  • Jo Anne Bilodeau

For information regarding elections, please contact or

Classified Senate Professional Development

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The Classified Senate Professional Development Committee is charged with maintaining professional development and training opportunities for classified.

Members participating in the Classified Flex Planning:

  • TBD

Classified Senate Public Relations & Outreach

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Our charge is to promote classified participation in college governance. Encourage better communication and camaraderie with other constituencies. Boost the classified morale and keep classified staff informed and in the know about relevant matters.


The PR &Outreach Committee meets year-round, as needed. Our main goal for meeting year-round is to keep abreast of college matters as they happen and report back to our senate members (all classified staff). For this purpose, we have a Classified Senate Circular that is regularly updated and distributed. We also focus on creating and executing Outreach events such as the CCSF Hope for the Holidays Toy Drive each year.


  • Vacant
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  • Vacant


View our most recent circular here

Classified Senate Scholarships

About Us

Classified staff have two scholarship opportunities available to them. Please visit the scholarship website to apply for:

  • Teresa Lowther Memorial Scholarship - $200  For full-time or part-time CCSF Classified employees only. Must be a single parent. Submit a letter from supervisor verifying your CCSF Classified employment.
  • Joan McClain Classified Employee Scholarship - $250  For full-time or part-time CCSF classified employees only. Demonstrate financial need. Submit letter from supervisor verifying your CCSF classified employment. Award disbursed after enrollment. 


The Classified Senate scholarships committee meets to review applications submitted by the eligible classified staff pool and select awardees for both.

  • Vacant
  • David Delgado
  • Dawn Mokuau