The Classified Senate


"We, the Classified Staff of the California Community Colleges, do hereby establish the California Community Colleges Classified Senate in order to promote the best interests of higher education in the State, and facilitate effective participation of classified colleagues at the state level."

-4CS Bylaws

What is the Classified Senate?

The Classified Senate represents the needs, concerns, and viewpoints of the classified staff with respect to the District Participatory Governance System, excluding all matters related to collective bargaining and grievances. It is one of the constituent groups of City College's shared governance structure and it stands as a council whose members are elected by the CCSF classified staff.

Who are Classified Senate members?

The Classified Senate represents all classified employees at City College of San Francisco, both represented and non-represented classified employees.

Classified Senate Meetings

Meetings are held once a month every 3rd Tuesday of the month and are open to all classified members. Meeting time is 3:30pm - 5pm. The meeting location will be at HC-123. 

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What Else Does the Classified Senate Do?

The Classified Senate helps to:

  • Promote classified participation in college governance.
  • Maintain professional development and training opportunities for classified.
  • Encourage better communication and camaraderie with other constituencies.
  • Acknowledge classified staff contributions to the college community.