Host Your Meeting, Conference or Event

Host your next meeting, conference or event at City College of San Francisco. Enjoy our state of the art facilities, beautiful settings and convenient locations. The College offers a range of facilities, rental equipment and support services all provided at reasonable rates.

City College of San Francisco makes our college and athletic facilities available for rental when they are not being used for school purposes, in accordance with the Civic Center Act (Education Code 82537). Public school facilities are considered a civic center where organizations, clubs, and citizens may meet within the limitations and requirements set by the Board of Trustees and Education Code. Our sites include a traditional college campus with its various amenities, highrise buildings, and vocational educational facilities.

Located in 11 various types of facilities throughout the dynamic neighborhoods of San Francisco, California, our transit-friendly sites are easily accessible via BART, MUNI, bicycling and walking; many of our sites have adjacent parking for ease of vehicular access. San Francisco International Airport is 2.5 to 15 miles from any of our sites. Our sites are adjacent to world-class hotels and restaurants.

Facilities Available for Rental

  • Athletic facilities including gymnasiums, swimming pool, football stadiums featuring synthetic turf, tracks, tennis courts, soccer field
  • Performance facilities including theaters and multipurpose room
  • Outdoor facilities including quads, courtyards and parking lots
  • Conference facilities to accommodate from 10 to 240 people
  • Classrooms and lecture rooms perfect for corporate or non-profit meetings or training

Facility Rental Fees

Fees for rental of City College of San Francisco facilities as of January 1, 2020, are shown below. Prices are subject to change until the actual reservation is confirmed.

Facilities may not be rented for less than two hours.

Note: Non-profit organizations may be eligible to use facilities at no charge. However, fees may be charged associated with event support (including opening and closing facilities, audio-visual services, broadcast services, custodial services, engineering services, public safety services, tech support services, theater support services, utilities, and other direct costs). 

Facility Hourly Rate  4 Hours  8 Hours 
Auditorium (100+ seats)   $80  $320  $640 
Cafeteria   $165  $660  $1,320 
Classroom   $45  $180  $360 
Dance Studio  $80  $320  $640 
Gymnasium  $135  $540  $1080 
Laboratory  $86  $344  $688 
Lecture Hall (up to 99 seats)  $65  $260  $520 
Parking Lots (See Note 1) $4 per space  $4 per space  $4 per space 
Parking Lot (Lower Reservoir @ Ocean Campus)  $3,250  $3,250  $3,250 
Stadium  $350  $1,400  $2,800 
Track  $350  $1,400  $2,800 
Theater  $250  $1,000  $2,000 

Note 1: Entire parking lots may be rented out for events. For events without dedicated paid parking, parking is available on a first-come-first-serve basis at $3 a day per spot. Parking permits are available at permit dispenser machines located in various parking lots. A permit is required to be displayed on your dashboard. For more information on parking, visit Campus Police.

Facility Rental Support Services

Service Hourly Rate  4 Hours  8 Hours 
Audio-Visual Services $65  $260  $520 
Broadcast Services $65  $260  $520 
Custodial Services $50  $200  $400 
Engineering Services $75  $300  $600 
Public Safety Services $55  $220  $440 
Tech Support Services $55  $220  $440 
Theater Technical Services  $45  $180  $360