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City College of San Francisco waste diversion rate reached 77% in 2017, with the amount of municipal solid waste being sent to landfill dropping annually. More importantly, from the start of the mandatory ordinance implemented by the City of San Francisco; City College of San Francisco's has increased its annual recycle and compost diversion rate to over 2,220 tons of materials throughout the District.

Acknowledging the importance of action as well as education, the department strives to implement sustainable practices to support the CCSF community to increase recycling and waste diversion performances.

The Recycling Department is committed to the reduction of waste to landfill, the advancement of a sustainable Zero Waste college community, and creating a work atmosphere where we can best serve our students and insure a healthy environment for current and future generations to come.

Waste Diversion Goals

CCSF Diversion 2017

Goal: Zero Waste by 2020

Status: Achieved a 77% diversion rate as of 2017.

A waste diversion rate represents the amount of waste that is diverted from landfill through recycling and composting.




San Francisco prides itself on its Zero Waste efforts and here is why.