CCRC Pillar Name CCSF Design Team Name
  • Clarify the path
Explore: Inclusive & Supportive Exploration
  • Enter the path
Connect: Accessible & Welcoming Connection
  • Stay on the path
Empower: Empowering & Intentional Progression
  • Ensure learning is happening
Succeed: Successful & Timely Completion
RiSE Leadership Team

The RiSE Leadership Team was composed of the faculty coordinators leading design teams or leading a support team or effort; the AVC of Institutional Advancement & Effectiveness, the Interim Dean of Equity and Student Success, a Research Analyst, and two RiSE student advisors. This team collaborated and strategized to support the design team and the progress toward scale on all elements in the Guided Pathway Self-Assessment.

The RiSE Design Teams were active during 2018-2020.

RiSE Design Teams

The Explore Team continued the work started in 2018-2019 to map all degrees with GE courses, milestones, and student supports that can be used as a default or baseline map for students. In 2019-2020, the Team completed the program maps for all programs and built out the maps to include non-credit courses and programs that can be used as onramps or supports for students into and in credit programs. The Explore Team lead the work to continue to clarify and develop the career clusters to support student exploration and decision-making.


Explore Team Workplan Goals for 2019-2020

1.a. Organized and marketed programs in broad career-focused academic and communities or "meta-majors."

1.b. Designed every program to guide and prepare students to enter employment and further education in fields of importance to the College's service area.

1.c. Ensured that the website provides detailed employment and further education opportunities targeted by each program.

1.d. Clearly mapped out programs for students to ensure that students know which courses they should take and in what sequence. Clearly identified courses critical for success in each program and other key progress milestones were clearly identified. Ensured that all this information was easily accessible on the college's website.

1.e. Appropriately aligned required math courses with the student's field of study.

The Connect Team developed a First-Year Experience program for undecided students that can be replicated across all of the career clusters. The Connect Team re-imagined student orientation and onboarding so that student start out prepared for what they will encounter when they start CCSF.

Workplan Goals for 2019-2020

2.a. Ensured that every new student was helped to explore career/college options, chose a program of study, and developed a full-program plan as soon as possible.

2.b. Ensured that special supports were provided to help academically underprepared students to succeed in the “gateway” courses for the college’s major program areas.

2.c. Ensured that special supports were provided to help academically underprepared students to succeed in the program-relevant “gateway” math courses by the end of their first year.

2.d. Ensured that special supports were provided to help academically underprepared students to succeed in the “gateway” English courses by the end of their first year.

2.e. Ensured "intensive support was provided to help very poorly prepared students to succeed in college-level courses as soon as possible."

2.f. Ensured that the college worked with high schools and other feeders to motivate and prepare students to enter college-level coursework in a program of study when they enroll in college.

The Empower Success Team lead the work to create better connections between students and support services offered at CCSF so that student learn about and can access these services when they need it. The Empower Success Team worked closely with the Starfish Coordinator to support the development of Starfish for all programs and services so that students feel supported and connected throughout while working towards their academic goals.

Workplan Goals for 2019-2020

3.a. Ensured counselors, program coordinators, department chairs, and deans could "monitor which program every student was in and how far along the student was toward completing the program requirements."

3.b. Ensured that students could easily see how far they have came and what they needed to do to complete their program.

3.c. Developed a plan/mechanism to ensure that counselors and students were alerted when students were at risk of falling off their program plans and had policies and supports in place to intervene in ways that helped students get back on track.

3.d. Developed a plan/mechanism to assist students who were unlikely to be accepted into limited-access programs, such as nursing or culinary arts, to redirect them to another more viable path to credentials and a career.

3.e. Ensured that students could take the courses they needed when they needed them, could plan their lives around school from one term to the next, and could complete their programs in as short a time as possible.


RiSE Support Teams

The Communications Team supported the collegewide communication of the work of RiSE Teams. They also supported the recruitment for RiSE Teams and Events.


The Media Team worked closely with the Communications Team and the Lead Coordinator to plan and capture video footage to share the work and learnings of RiSE to the broader college audience. The video footage was used to develop short films to share the voices and discoveries that RiSE is making through this journey of deep inquiry, discovery, and creative thinking to solve complex problems at CCSF.