Types of Gifts that Require Approval

Per Board Policy 8.08, the District must seek Board approval of the following gifts:

  1. motor vehicles
  2. aircraft
  3. cash exceeding $1,000
  4. securities
  5. precious stones
  6. precious metals
  7. goods other than (1) to (2) above, with a market value exceeding $1,500

Steps to Receiving Approval

Regardless of the type or amount of gift received, complete the following steps:

  • Step 1. Fill out the Donation Approval Form online with as much information as you can provide. You can also download a copy of the Donation Approval Form.
  • Step 2. What you need to do next depends on the type of donation:

If the gift is in the form of a check or cash, bring the check/cash along with the completed donation approval form in person to the Bursar’s Office in the Multi-Use Building (MUB), room 360. The Bursar’s Office will submit the donation form and a copy of the check to Judy Seto.

If the gift is not a check/cash and falls into the other categories above, submit the completed form to Judy Seto located in Cloud Hall 331 or at jseto@ccsf.edu (an electronic copy is acceptable).

The Office of Community Development will obtain consent from the Department Chair (if applicable), School Dean/Unit Administrator, Vice-Chancellor over relevant area, Associate Vice Chancellor of Institutional Advancement and Effectiveness, and the Chief Financial Officer; prepare a monthly Board Resolution for all gifts falling into categories 1-7 above; and send acknowledgment letters with CCSF tax ID to donors for all gifts, regardless of the type or amount.

In addition, annually in August, the Office of Community Development will report all gifts, regardless of the type or amount, to the Board of Trustees.

Accessing Your Funds

If the donation you received is less than or equal to $1,000, the funds will be available within 5 business days after the deposit.

If the donation you received is greater than $1,000, your funds will be available after the Board of Trustees has approved the donation. The Bursar’s Office will notify you as soon as your funds are posted in Banner. This typically takes place within a month of the time you deposit your check.

What if the gift I am receiving is for a scholarship?

If the donation is for a scholarship, please follow the steps above and contact Anh To in the Scholarship Office as soon as possible for further guidance.

If you have questions or need information about the acceptance and processing of gifts to the Foundation of City College of San Francisco rather to the District, please contact Kristin Charles.