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The Online Schedule provides the latest information about available classes. Search by Subject, Department, GE Area & Diversity Programs, Instructor, Open Sections, Campus, and CityOnline. Advanced Search finds classes by meeting days, times offered, and length of course.                              


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Available at each CCSF Center and the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library.


Help with the Web4 Schedule of Classes

  • Looking for Diversity and Social Justice? Select the program using the GE Area & Diversity field. 
  • Click inside the field and an alphabetical listing of options will appear.
  • Subject Search provides the opportunity to find all the classes in a particular subject such as Art, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Economics, History, Political Science, Philosophy, American Studies, and more.
  • Department Search will find all courses within a larger department such as Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences or Environmental Horticulture.
  • GE Area & Diversity Programs (General Education Areas and programs with related classes) will help you find General Education requirement areas for all three general education pathways: CCSF, CSU, and IGETC.
    Area search will also find program listings such as African American Studies, Women's Studies, Asian Studies, Philippine Studies, LGBT Studies, Labor Studies, Metro, Working Adult Degree Program, Honors Program, Work Experience, and courses related to support programs such as the African American Scholastic Program, Asian Pacific American Student Success, Latino Services Network, and Tulay.
  • Use your scroll bar if you adjust the number of classes you see per page to ensure you see all of the options available to you. Use full screen.
  • Customize your screen by adjusting column widths and reordering columns to see all of the information provided. Adjust column widths by hovering over the break between columns in the red column title field, click and hold while expanding or narrowing the field. Reorder the columns by clicking and holding on the red column title and dragging it to the desired location.
  • If any search function does not clear, go back out to Select Term screen.