The WRC has a small but expanding library of books by and about women on issues addressing health, sexuality, work, violence against women, and healing from abuse. The library also includes her stories, essays, fiction, and poetry. We welcome donations and additional contributions.

Computers, Printer,& Phone

The WRC has three computers (with one computer dedicated to express printing), a scanner, and a laser printer for student use. Students are allowed 10 free prints a day. We have a phone available for free local calls.


The Women’s Resource Center has information and referrals in the following areas:

  • Women’s Health
  • Child Care and Parenting
  • Intimate Partner Violence Issues and Legal Referrals
  • Housing
  • Job and Internship Listings
  • Immigration Information
  • CCSF programs and services for women


The Women's Resource Center provides free condoms, tampons, pads, coffee, and tea. Additional services include access to hot water, water cooler dispenser, and microwave. The WRC is a food shelf location and students can access two healthy snacks a day.