Fall 2019 Special Election Results

On September 24 and 25, the Associated Students held special elections for all CCSF locations that did not currently have student councils.  Eligible applications were received for Chinatown, Evans, and John Adams.  Please see below for the results. For questions or concerns regarding the election process please contact the Student Activities Administrator, Amy Coffey at acoffey@ccsf.edu.



President: Ziqing Yu, 8 votes

Vice President: HongZhou (JoJo) Cai, 11 votes

Secretary: Baowa Li, 9 votes



President: Paul Nguyen, 9 votes

Vice President: Darren Driskill, 9 votes

Treasurer: Alan Garcia, 8 votes


John Adams

President: Orlando Galvez, 18 votes



Vacancies on existing councils will be filled by appointment.  For centers with no council, an Association of Students may still be formed. For interest in serving in a student leadership role at a center, please contact the faculty advisor at the location you would like to serve at:


Civic Center: Carina Lin

Chinatown: Fanny Law

Downtown: Ann Fonatanella

Evans: Joseph Gumina

John Adams: Anna-Lisa Helmy

Mission: Sandra Vaughn

Southeast: Amy Coffey