Lab Use:

Only currently registered CCSF students may use the lab. It is primarily for the use of students currently enrolled in CNIT and CS courses and doing CNIT and CS homework.

There are PCs and Macintoshes designated for General Use by currently enrolled CCSF students.

Multimedia Macintoshes are exclusively for the use of students currently enrolled in courses authorized to use the applications available on these units.

The CCSF Open Labs handout includes information about each of the areas on campus where currently registered students may use computers. Software availability and hours may vary, so please refer to the handout for details.

Students' Personal Account Assistance:

Faculty Monitors are available for assistance in password resets for a number of systems housed in the center and some offsite, it includes Windows Intranet (ACRC), Mac OS X ( and Springfield Linux RedHat ( accounts.

Also, for students' accounts hosted by and Oracle on hills.

General information on CCSF Wi-Fi usage and CCSF Gmail can be found at the ACRC.

Tutorial Assistance:

Help with your work is limited; lab staff have different responsibilities and areas of expertise.

The Faculty Monitor on duty can assist with some programming and software questions.

Student tutors can help with questions in areas identified as their specialty for a maximum of 15 minutes per problem.

First:  Get the name(s) of the tutor(s) who can help with your assignments:   Who can help me?

Then: Look up the hour(s) when the tutor(s) can help with your questions:   When can I get help?

Click here to see a printable .pdf of the entire Tutors' Schedule with the skills listed after each tutor's name so that you may come in when a tutor is available for the subject in which you need assistance..

Lab Assistants behind the Reception Desk help with hardware problems such as printer jams and with administrative tasks: they are assigned to desk duty and can not leave the Reception Desk to assist with online assignments.


The ACRC offers orientations  at the beginning of each semester. Please see the Orientations section for more information.


Laser printing costs twelve cents per page. Vending cards available at the Reception Desk may be incremented with coin or currency at Vendamatics near the front counter.

  • All print jobs from Windows intranet stations are directed to laser printers Pay1, Pay2, and Pay3 behind the Reception Desk.  Refer to the handout Laser Printing from Windows  for instructions.