Room Reservations

Instructors may reserve any of the three rooms on the east side of the ACRC for use with their class(es). 

ACRC Technical Support Staff cannot always be available on the premises, so they recommend that you plan ahead:

  • Do you plan to use overhead projection?  Please let us know so that our Technical Support can have it ready for your use.
  • Do you intend to use a prepared presentation on a laptop?  Please bring the laptop to Batmale 301 a day or so before your reservation to troubleshoot any compatibility problems.


Reserve PC Labs #1 or #2 by contacting Cherron Hunter:

  • email
  • telephone (415) 239-3823
  • morning hours at Batmale 456
  • afternoon hours at Science 147


Reserve the Mac Lab by contacting Leanna Rosenbaum:

  • email with a cc to ACRC Manager Patrick Lee at
  • telephone (415) 239-3045 (or Patrick Lee (415) 239-3707)
  • limited hours at Batmale 301