Apply for a Tutorial Position

Are you capable and comfortable assisting students with computer science or computer-related assignments?

The ACRC is always looking for students who can.   

Review the job description below, as well as the application requirements and the student employment forms CCSF requires. 

If you're interested in applying, complete the List of Course Skills and the Hours of Availability and submit them as directed. 

Job Information:

Position Title:
•  Tutor (of Computer-related subjects)

Rate and Hours:
•  CCSF sets the student employee pay rate at $15.00 per hour.
•  CCSF limits the hours for student employees to 15 hours per week .

Duties and Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

•  tutoring students in a variety of computer-related subjects taught at CCSF
•  enforcing the rules of CCSF and those of the ACRC during the hours of operation
•  assisting the Faculty Monitors and the Technical Support Staff with everyday operations

•  minimum enrollment in 6 credit units at CCSF in the semester of employment (3 credit units in Summer Session)
•  a letter of recommendation from a CCSF Instructor of a computer-related course

The ACRC is looking for students with backgrounds in the computer field who are willing to work in a team environment that requires interaction with their student peers.

Students taking courses in Computer Science, Computer Networking and Information Technology, and Multimedia courses in Broadcast Electronic Media Arts, Cinema, Journalism, Photography, and/or Visual Media Design are encouraged to apply.


Application Forms (printable .pdf formats):

Print the entire Job Application or print each part of the application separately:

Application Requirements 

CCSF Student Employment Forms  

•  List of Course Skills  

•  Hours of Availability