Project SHINE

SHINE students

What is Project SHINE?


Project SHINE is a service-learning program that links student volunteers from City College of San Francisco with immigrant and elderly students in non-credit ESL classrooms.

Interviews to be a SHINE coach/volunteer begin within the first 2-3 weeks every school semester.  No experience is necessary. This program is designed to accomodate students with little or no volunteer experience.  The interview is when we sit down with you and we find an appropriate non-credit ESL class that will fit into your schedule.

Project SHINE is a nation wide organization with chapters all across America.  City College of San Francisco in partnership with San Francisco State University represent the local chapter.

Why should I join?

We surveyed our former student/volunteers and the top reasons were to improve speaking and presentation skills, overcome shyness, gain community service experience and stand out as an applicant for scholarships. Additionally general professional and personal skills.

Professional skills might include:
Job readiness skills, public speaking, presentation skills, giving and taking instructions, standing out in job applications.                      

Personal skills might include:
Confidence building, overcoming shyness, introducing yourself to others, working with people from various background, being assertive, enunciating, community service learning experience.

Campuses served

Chinatown, Civic Center, Downtown, John Adams, Mission, Ocean and community centers within San Francisco. Click HERE for more info on our various campuses.