The mission of the Journalism Department is to provide our students with the opportunity to study the field and the various skills that go into a career in Journalism.

Our function is to provide a pathway for transfer to a four year program or the opportunity to complete an Associate of Arts degree and Award of Achievement at City College. In addition, we offer Certificates of Completion for upgrading skills or focused areas of study.

We are committed to providing students with laboratory experience in the writing, publishing, and the distribution of both a magazine and a biweekly newspaper. This is done in an environment that closely resembles the environment of a professional newsroom, using digital technology to paginate, edit, and publish the paper.

Further, our Department is committed to assisting students who are seeking a career option in media related interests such as public relations, publishing, and advertising. To support this work we provide internship and work experience classes.


The role of journalists is to challenge people, not to just mindlessly amuse them.

-Carl Bernstein, Author & Journalist

Our Department has a strong partnership with the San Francisco Neighborhood Newspaper Association.

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