Welness center


The CCSF Pool is a newly built indoor heated 25 yard pool located in the Wellness Center and serves CCSF students with physical education classes.  The pool has twelve lanes, ranging in depth from three and half to seven feet.

The deeper end includes eight lanes for competition with starting blocks and the pool will be wired with a sophisticated Colorado timing system that includes a digital scoreboard and eight touch pads. Water temperature is maintained at 81 degrees.  

The pool includes four ladders, stair, and a wheel chair lift. The facility also includes bleacher seating, two pace clocks, men and women locker and shower rooms.

Pool use includes swimming, lifeguarding training and water aerobic classes for CCSF students, Lick Wilmerding H.S swim team practice, CCSF athletic teams.

        In order to use the swimming pool at City College of San Francisco, you must be registered in one or more of the swimming or water aerobic classes.  We do NOT offer public hours.  

Members of the community may enroll through CCSF Continuing Education for use of the Swimming Pool for lap swimming via the days and times listed below (during PE  256A  Beginning Fitness Swimming).
Additionally, the Fitness Center may also be used on a DROP-IN basis (after completing a fitness center orientation at:, anytime during open hours.
Register at Continuing Education, for “Lap Swim/Fitness Center--CE500” and attend an orientation.

Fall/Spring Lap Swim/CE/PE 256A, B, C & D--Fitness Swimming Hours:
>>Mon, Wed & Fri 7-9 am
>>Mon-Thu 12-1pm
>>Mon & Wed 6-7 pm
>>Tue & Thu 7-8 am


Fall/Spring Faculty/Staff PE 201 Swim Hours
>>Mon-Fri 11 am-1 pm
>>Mon-Th 6-7 pm

Summer 2019 PE 256/201 CE 500/562 SUMMER HOURS (06/10-07/19):
>>Mon-Fri 7 am-9:10 am, 12:15-1:20 pm
>>Mon-Th 5-6:15 pm

>Fitness Center Hours >>click here

Although you will not receive a grade or units you will still be able to be part of these classes.

New student or former student must complete an Application for Admission. You can fill out the Application; please allow two (2) business days for your online application for admission to be processed.  Once your application has been processed, you may  Register online.

    * Current Class Schedule >>click here

A master's swim program is not available at City College of San Francisco nor is the pool is open to the public.  The use of the pool is limited to students enrolled in aquatic classes.  Please go to for online application to the college and registration for classes.

For further information contact Phong Pham (415) 452-4821 or