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Fire Internship Program

- Work Experience -

Students will be linking classroom learning with an actual job experience in the fire protection field by volunteering as interns in various bureaus, divisions and other assignments within the San Francisco and South San Francisco Fire Departments. The assignments will include ride-a-longs at firehouses that will require the student to learn professional behaviors with co-workers and the public.
All Fire Internship assingments occur during normal business hours one day per week Monday through Friday only, there are no weekend assignments.

The student is expected to maintain a dress code that includes black pants with “CCSF Fire Academy” “T” or light blue short sleeve dress shirt and be to clean shaven with no body piercing while participating as an intern. Black safety shoes, leather gloves, and eye protection are also required while at a firehouse assignment. The student is required to follow all rules and regulations of the agency they are interning at and to follow class requirements related to paperwork & class meeting dates.

Pre-requisite: Fire Science 50 
Emergency Medical Technician certification & graduation from a State Fire Training certified fire academy are required for ride-a-long assignments.

Firefighter 1 (sign-off for certification)

Once a student has completed three semesters of the Fire Internship program,  one can apply for certification to State Fire Training as a Firefighter 1

Volunteer time of one calendar year is required, along with completion of a Fire Academy.

Read the links below for further details for obtaining a Firefighter 1 certification:

1. Read the letter linked here for more details
2. Have your Fire Academy Coordinator sign-off on drills Form 
3. Go to State Fire Training website and follow the links for 'Forms information' (application & fee schedule) and 'Procedure Manual' pages 93-4 for filing procedures for Firefighter 1

Internship Assignments

Required class meetings are held at the SFO Fire Academy, Building 928, Classroom 8 from 5 to 7 pm:

-August 11, 2015
- Orientation, assignments, and equipment issued  (no exceptions for 1st time students)

-October 13, 2015 - Resume seminar - 1st semester students required attentance 

-December 11, 2015- Final meeting - paperwork & equpment collected

S.F.F.D. - Firehouse locations

S.F.F.D. Fire Intern Assignments begin Monday, 8/17/2015 
(if approved by Fire Administration - check email from Capt. Long)

Report absences the day of to firehouse Lt.s / Capt.s and email
Nik Krispinovich or Bill Long the day before, and also report injuries immediately to either Bill Long or Nik Krishpinovich (check who visits you)

Contact person for South SF Fire is the Training Chief 
(if assigned by Captain Long)

Office: (650) 875-6961 Cell: (650) 867-5132

South San Francisco Fire Firehouse Locations

Interns are normally assigned to Station 61

Assignments are Monday through Friday (no weekends)