Instructor Bio

My interest in science began with my introduction to the fascinating field of genetics, and I earned my Bachelor's degree from the University of California Berkeley (Go Bears!) in Genetics.   After working as a research associate for several years, I decided to go back to school and earn my Master's and Ph.D. degree from the University of California Davis (Go Aggies!) in Molecular Genetics.  

My post-doctoral research led me back to San Francisco,  where I worked in the Ophthalmology Department at the University of California San Francisco.  My laboratory focus was the genetics and molecular pathways involved in hereditary forms of glaucoma.  My projects ranged from genetic analysis of novel variants found in 2 glaucoma related genes, to the study and manipulation of primary eye cell culture and their functions/physiology.

I began my career at City College back in 2004, and was hired as full time faculty in 2007.  My goal is to share my knowledge of the field of research and biotechnology and bring exciting new curricula and career training to the students at CCSF.  While at CCSF, I started one of the first Stem Cell training programs in the country and I am currently Director of the Stem Cell Technology internship program.