About Office Technology

The Office Technology credit programs are designed for students working or planning to work in office-support positions in business, industry, and government.

Typical job titles include administrative assistant, secretary, office assistant, office clerk, and office specialist. All courses earn college credit, and there is a fee for tuition. Financial aid is available. The Business Employment Program provides assistance finding jobs.

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Studying Office Technology can lead to a variety of different jobs or career paths.

Credit Program Options 

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Required courses:

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
MABS 50 Microsoft Outlook and OneNote 3  
MABS 391 Word Processing/Microsoft Word 3  
MABS 101 Microsoft Excel  
MABS 202 PowerPoint Presentations 3  
MABS 67 Database for Business/Microsoft Access 3  
GNBS 100 Essential Skills for Business Professionals 1  

Total Units: 16 

Overall Total Units: 16

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Required courses:

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
MABS 404 Storefront Apps for E-Business 3  
MABS 408 Website Builder for Business Portfolio / Productivity 3  
MABS 412 Mobile Apps for Business  
MABS 413 E-Commerce Apps for Entrepreneurial Business 3  
MRKT 180 Social Media Marketing 3  

Total Units: 15

Choose one of the following courses:

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
ENTR 101 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3  
GNBS 119 Introduction to Business 3  

Total Units: 3 

Overall Total Units: 18