About Chemistry

During experiences in a laboratory setting, students will practice the scientific method to explore chemical phenomena, solve problems in a strategic manner, and formulate and communicate an understanding of matter from a chemist’s perspective.

Grappling with the difficult global problems such as the treatment of disease, environmental pollution, and climate change all require an understanding of chemistry. Through the Chemistry program, you will develop a view of the world around you that is shaped by your understanding of chemical principles. Upon obtaining the Certificate of Achievement in chemistry, you will be prepared to transfer to a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program at a four-year college and take upper-division chemistry coursework, enter the chemistry workforce, or pursue opportunities where chemistry plays a role.

Explore Potential Careers

Studying Chemistry can lead to a variety of different jobs or career paths. Below are just some of the many options you will have!

  • Biotechnology
  • Medicine
  • Teaching
  • Pharmacy
  • Environmental studies

Program Options 

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Required Courses:

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
CHEM 101A General College Chemistry 6  
CHEM 101B General College Chemistry 5  
CHEM 212A Organic Chemistry 6  
CHEM 212B Organic Chemistry 6  
MATH 110A Calculus I 5  
MATH 110B Calculus II 5  
MATH 110C Calculus III 5  
MATH 130  Linear Algebra and Differential Equations 5  
PHYC 4A Classical Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers 3  
PHYC 4AL Mechanics Laboratory for Scientists and Engineers 1  
PHYC 4B Electromagnetism for Scientists and Engineers  
PHYC 4BL Electromagnetism Laboratory for Scientists and Engineers 1  

Students may substitute MATH 120 + 125 for MATH 130.

Total Units: 51 

Elective Courses (choose one):

Course Number Course Title Units Notes
CHEM 85 Seminar in Chemistry 1  
BTEC 5 Briefings in Biotechnology 1  

Total Units: 1 

Overall Total Units: 52

Transfer Options

The program coursework you complete at City College will satisfy lower-division requirements for related majors at several colleges and universities.

Have questions about transfer? Visit the Transfer Center for help, transfer information, and/or to speak with college representatives.