COVID Safety Campaign FAQs

No. As the memo states, we are taking a phased-in approach to move to full in-person operations. On October 1st we will begin implementing a comprehensive Safety Campaign to implement the vaccine mandate resolution adopted by the Board of Trustees, which includes collecting employee and student information regarding their vaccination status, or requests for exemptions.

Proof of vaccination will be done through an online platform to be launched October 1st.

Employees who are currently fully remote MAY be required to return to in-person operation. That is why they need to work with their supervisors. If the work can continue to be performed remotely, then the supervisor should allow that to continue. For other services being delivered remotely, which primarily affects classified and administrators, those employees MAY be required to provide in-person services IF required by the operational needs. Current faculty assignments will NOT change this semester. For classified, unless operationally necessary, for the balance of the Fall semester, we are encouraging mostly remote delivery of services.

Our main focus is to protect our College community.  That is why we are launching a comprehensive Safety Campaign to provide resources and information to the College community. Effective October 1, we will be collecting employee and student-specific information regarding vaccine or exemption status. The next step will be to require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to enter any College facility. There will be no change to the class schedule for Fall 2021 and students will not be dropped from their in-person classes if they are not yet fully vaccinated.