Get Involved with Student Government at City College of San Francisco

As a member of the Associated Students Council, you will have the opportunity to be a representative of the student body, plan fun events for students throughout the year, meet new people, and develop professional skills.

ASC Elections 

All Campus and Centers Councils hold annual elections in the spring for the following academic year. Elected candidates will serve on the ASC from July 1 until June 30 for the academic year they have been elected.

If there are vacant positions after the elections, students have the option of filing a petition to form an Association of Students, or participate in a fall special election. After a council has been established, additional vacancies will be filled by appointment.

Registering for an Election

Elections will be announced by the Associated Students Executive Council. There are currently no elections scheduled. Please contact the Assistant Director of Student Activities, Amy Coffey for more information, or to get connected to student leadership opportunities.


Inactive Councils

For centers with no current Associated Students Council, an Association of Students may still be formed. If you are interested in serving in a student leadership role at a center, please contact the faculty advisor at the location you would like to serve. 

Spring 2020 Election Results

Student Trustee-Elect

Photo of Vick Van Chung

Dear Resilient Rams, 
As a CCSF community organizer, I have advocated, mobilized and lobbied for increase funding for our college and across California—fighting decades of neoliberalist agendas that have defunded and decimated our social programs and privatized our education by enriching the student loan industry, for-profit colleges, and tech industries. 
I know how important this upcoming year will be for CCSF and social good institutions across California. We know that current incumbents across local and state legislatures have proven that they do not believe education is an essential public good. At the state-level they have used punitive policies to defund our community college and at the city-level they would rather hand our tax dollars to luxury real estate developers rather than fund our community college. 
Because this is an election year, I anticipate using my position as a student trustee and my connections across the Student Coalition, Associated Student, San Francisco Rising, United Front Against Homelessness Displacement, Project SURVIVE, San Francisco Women Against Rape, SFSU, UCSF and various other unions and community organization across the United States to hold our legislatures accountable. 
More than ever, moving through this pandemic, in the years it will take to recover from this devastation, I know we need to pressure our governing institutions to fund our college, our communities, and our futures. But even more so, because this pandemic has exacerbated and brought to light systemically pervasive oppressive policies, practices and inequities—that we marginalized groups have always been aware of—this may be the year we CAN make our have our governing bodies represent our values, our demands, and value our input. 
Building from a legacy of student organizers, I co-founded CCSF Collective at a time when we faced not only another round of funding cut decimated the arts, ethnic studies and social justice classes that all functioned to heal our communities living with trans-generation trauma. I created the program City Scholars, so peers served as student advocates in partnership with student retention centers and resource centers, to help students through enrollment, registration, and continuing studies. 
In the CCSF Student Coalition, in partnership with student and community organizations, I’ve co-hosted rallies, met with the Board of Supervisors—at a time when members of the Board of Trustees and Chancellor Rocha refused to support and even actively lobbied against Emergency Bridge, and built a webinar series centered on address misinformation and confusion around COVID-19. 
As Student Trustee, I promise to expand student representation across the governing institute through a community-developed, pre-piloted civic engagement mentorship program. I promise to remain grounded to my community organizing values, to practicing consistent outreach and democratic engagement. And I promise I will do everything I can to truly ensure students are not spoken for, but rather speaking to. 
As someone born and raised in San Francisco, as a child of refugees, as a domestic abuse survivor, as a someone who has been saved by opportunities given to me by the CCSF community, I hope you will permit me to spend my final year before medical school serving as your Student Trustee. 

Humbly Your Peer, 
Vick Van Chung (they)

Final Results:

Vick Van Chung 109 votes 

Angelica Campos 75 votes

Behrang "B" Garakani 44 votes

Karoline Almeida 30 votes

Johnny Knadler 28 votes

Maraljin Ganbaatar 26 votes

Lauren Matus 20 votes

Student Vice Chancellor-Elect

Hello, my name is Tarquin Gaines, and I am a second-year student at City College of San Francisco (CCSF). During my time as a student, I have experienced tremendous personal and academic growth. I am now compelled by the level of instruction and sense of belonging CCSF has provided me with, to run for Student Vice-Chancellor. I am a San Francisco native and a seasoned youth worker in San Francisco public and private schools. Considering my position as a school employee and a student, I’ve identified that these two entities intersect interestingly. My participation and experience in each of these institutions have provided a schema for the other in which I can rely on and draw tools for success.

My goal through this position would be to establish an affinity between low-income students and students of color to the school community and work closely with our administrators to extend the support provided to students. Many students do not associate themselves with CCSF beyond the classroom for many reasons; some understandable, and some are urban legends. Connecting all students to campus resources and courses that bear a sense of belonging would enhance the CCSF experience. I need to be present and engaged in my school community as it enhances leadership skills and fosters a collaborative environment with fresh perspectives. I know from experience, representation is essential. The level of passion and commitment employed by students serving their community could establish the difference between excelling and dropping out, for themselves and many others. I am aware that the CCSF instruction and campus climate are structured in a way that fosters student success in and beyond the classroom. Many of the courses I have taken have health, justice, and inclusion intertwined with the learning outcomes. My personal goal within this position is to promote and advance shared leadership amongst the community. This includes equity of voice; everyone is heard, everyone is valued. I recognized the privilege in my position as a coach and the role that I played in influencing positive behaviors and sound characteristics and am prepared to operate with this same mindset. Capitalizing on the dualities of serving my community and exploring the resources that another one has to offer has opened doors to knowing how to make my school a better place. I am wrapping up this semester, having served as an ASCO Senator, and I say that my time serving on the student council has been rewarding.

If elected, I am confident that I will try my personal best to bring a hard-working mindset to the CCSF community. I am articulate and enjoy public speaking and working in groups, I am organized and can be trusted to meet deadlines, and I know when to ask for assistance. I have been active in many school communities for years, and I believe that I am well positioned to start contributing positively.


Tarquin Gaines

Candidate's Video Statement

Final Results:

Tarquin Gaines 245 votes

John Adams Elected Representatives

Hello, my name is Angelica Nevarez and I am interested in serving our community once again at John Adams Campus. I have learned so much to become a better individual, a student, and a guide through my time as Vice President, beginning in Fall 2019. 
The primary reason why I want to run for office is for the love of my John Adams family. There have been several times throughout the semester where people ask me if I am doing too much, and to be truthful, I never thought of my efforts as work or hassle. What motivates and pushes me are the smiles of our John Adams community. I really care about the CCSF community, including our faculty as to what our needs, hopes, and future are. 
I am not perfect, but I can listen to the needs, concerns, and accomplishments that our John Adams family has to offer. I would like to continue this leadership position so that I am able to work with others and learn how to continue the CCSF community spirit. 
One of the amazing things about being a part of the CCSF Associated Student Council is guiding, protecting, and supporting the community. I love connecting with other students, faculty, and our outside community and how I get to hear them on a human level. I am not here to prove that I am right or wrong with politics, but I am here to listen and to create realistic solutions and guide the rest of our community on what the plans are to execute challenging times. 
Through my experience as the Vice-President, I was able to meet amazing students with desire to succeed both in academics and in their futures. As someone that deals with mental health, I understand the importance to be there for others. It’s much more than providing snacks through our Snack Program, but to be able to remind our community that they are human beings and that at CCSF, they will have the support and resources to be the best version of themselves. 
I understand the frustrations of those in our community with certain concerns regarding our school. But as I mentioned above, listening to one another is more effective and to make sure as a leader to have that connection with our community, and as a team, figure out what is needed to resolve it helps us understand how to overcome a challenge. Nothing can move forward without hope, diligence, and support. 
That also goes with life. 
My goal is to help our John Adams community become stronger by creating awareness and support to our John Adams family. This includes resources to medical, food, mental, child-care and housing resources that can work with us to provide on-site support on our campus. I want to give students and our community less things to worry about so that they can focus on their studies. If students are able to receive the support that they need, then they will be able to shine bright with their heads up high, representing CCSF in their careers.

Final Results:

Angelica Nevarez 5 votes

Ocean Campus Elected Representatives

 As I enter my second year at City College of San Francisco with a major in psychology, I have become extremely passionate about the community that has been built and what City College is becoming for our future. Being a part of such a powerful and equal opportunity environment turns education into something more, and looking back on our college success stories, this will beyond any doubt be one of the most cherished. Given an opportunity with the Associate Student Council with a position of a senate, to approach new and higher levels of supporting a community, sharing ideas, and creating new relations as a body, is a team I am devoted to taking part in. 
Being a mentor at CCSF this recent semester, gave me the chance to talk to many peers and create new relations. I acknowledge that some students feel CCSF is not the community that it is made out to be. I look back on what might need change, despite having so many prodigious clubs, programs, sports, benefits, and so much more- some feel unsafe. Concerns present themselves when an undocumented student comes up to me and tells me they are afraid of asking for help, that they are afraid of applying for scholarships because of the fear that they will get their academic rights taken because they are afraid they will be standing in between dishonesty. As those students constantly fear what may feel like a distant threat- they are not participating in the benefits and opportunities we have to offer here at CCSF. The fear students carry not only impacts themselves and their future but, along with their family and us as a whole community. I want to take action and comfort those students who live with fear, make them aware that their voices are heard, that they are a part of this community, safe here at CCSF. City College of San Francisco does their hardest to maintain student health, educational rights and equality. I stand for everything CCSF takes into action, and there is always room for change. 
As members of a society, we all have the right to speak our mind about concerns, or topics that we feel strongly about. In the past, my voice being heard scared me. I would never speak up, for the small sake of possibly being wrong. When I began to work with kids as a part time job, and have a position at the LAC in Rosenberg, I realized that with having a voice you are able to make a change. As I am given this opportunity to have a voice in the student body and stand for what I believe in, I am running for change that will positively impact our college, and our students. In addition, engaging with new people and creating a bigger social network gives me the responsibility to gain leadership, and be able to be heard. 
As we are in different and difficult situations right now, we are being introduced to many new situations, one including a new method via online learning. City College of San Francisco, has been sending frequent emails to keep students updated, and keeping us aware that there are many ways to receive help during this pandemic. I would love to take part in continuing to maintain safety, health, education, and an overall fun and memorable college experience.

Term: Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

I am running to be a senator to represent and be the voice for student. I graduated from the SFUSD system in Spring 2019 and going Council in Fall 2019. As a current Senator on the Associated Student Council at Ocean Campus, I have experience serving and hope to better serve next year. During my time on Council, I participated in the Public Relations and Resource Centers and Programs United Committees. This enabled me to gain valuable experience as to how everything worked. I got to see the inner workings of how Council operates. This semester I would serve as the Vice Chair for the Public Relations Committee. I love going to events such as Unity Day and getting students engaged and informed about clubs. I also served as an Alternate for the Participatory Governance Council, which enabled be to see how the entire college system worked. This also enabled me to have the most influence within the college. Student representation is most important during PGCs, as we have the same number of members as the other constituents. I hope to continue my work and strive to do better if I am elected. Thank you!

Term: Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

I am running for office because I want to be more involved in the CCSF community and make changes that benefit the community. A bit about myself; I was born in China but immigrated to the United States at the age of four. My father raised me as a single parent which influenced me to value hard work and academics. I have a friendly and outgoing personality which allows me to empathize with my fellow peers and seem approachable. I love when other students trust me with their questions and concerns, and I do my best to help them. Some skills I can bring to the student council is good time management and communication. This semester, I challenged myself by balancing 18 units, numerous student council meetings, and a part time job. These experiences show my motivation and commitment to effort in order to improve myself. I see it as my responsibility to take the initiative to help those who are struggling or need support. Student representation is an important issue to me, especially when San Francisco is such a diverse place. I believe everyone has a voice that could contribute to building a more inclusive environment. This particular issue could be solved by raising awareness of the variety of support programs that exist in CCSF. Many students are not aware of these programs that provide a safe and inclusive space for all groups of people. I would increase the effectiveness of events and programs that help spread this information to all students.
Along with my skills, I have experience in leading others. In high school, I participated in the Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps program. Through this program, I have been in many different roles which developed my leadership and team building skills. In one role, I taught lessons on leadership, self-growth, and finance to my fellow classmates. From these positions, I was able to guide and help my peers grow as a leader and a student.
This semester, I am participating in the student government as a senator. The committees I participate in include: Finance, Public Relations, Multicultural Affairs, Resource Centers and Programs United Committee. The meetings are time-consuming but very rewarding. As a senator, I helped allocate bond money provided by the city to improve student union facilities. As a council, we discuss how it may affect students and ways to maximize student benefits. One of the more memorable changes I supported was increasing the microwaves near the City Cafe to shorten long wait times, installing charging stations due to high demand, and replacing the window blinds for clubs or resource centers to show presentations more clearly. Despite the suspension of in-person services at CCSF, we continue our council duties via Zoom. We do our best to adapt with the situation by handing out COVID-19 gift cards to students suffering financial hardships due to the virus. Additionally, the council is trying to provide students with rental laptops if they are unable to access their classes remotely independently. My goal as a council member is to support my fellow college students and help make CCSF worth attending despite what unexpected situations we may face. I hope to continue working towards this goal next semester.

Term: Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

Hey, my name is Jonathan Ng and I’m running to become an ASC senator because it will allow me to learn more about the prominent issues on campus and provide me with a chance to actively expedite the process of finding a solution instead of having to wait for the final results on the sidelines. I want to be a senator because I want to ensure that the students continue to have access to programs promoting equity, a comeback for canceled art classes, and everything else that students need when the time comes. I want to see CCSF continue to expand, grow, and improve so that we can provide more opportunities to people who strive for more, want a second chance, or maybe just don’t know what they want to accomplish at that moment. My final goal for CCSF is to leave it better than when I entered and I would be willing to sacrifice my time and brainpower for this cause even if CCSF is far from perfect. The position of senator would be favorable personally as I was in an internship called Asian Pacific Islander Youth Leadership Council by CYC where we focused on the importance of Asian Pacific Islander’s voting and supporting fellow API to create a better community. We learned the values and benefits of voting, promoting it in the Asian community, and supporting people, but we didn’t get to be involved in the processes of creating a wide-scale change. If I were to become a senator, it would give me the chance to learn and experience the second half of making a difference. I would receive the opportunity to discuss issues in-depth and be part of the solution when I become one of the 15 senators this year. ;)

On a personal note, the end goal is not only promoting the growth of my school but also myself. I decided to apply because this is not something I would ever have done in high school. At that time I don’t believe I had the dedication, time management, or motivation to want to change. After high school ended I completed Basic Combat Training and A.I.T. to be considered a soldier. Even though I was far from home and anyone I knew, I was glad. My time in the Army so far has taught me valuable skills such as integrity, self-discipline, strong work ethic, and teamwork as there’s no such thing as a one-man army. There are probably a few more skills, but I can’t think of them at the moment. I liked the feeling of my personal growth in the time I was away and thought this would be a great opportunity to use as a challenge to myself while helping the institution that’s currently providing support to me. Overall, I strongly believe that my being a senator will not only be beneficial for the school but also my growth. After hearing this I hope you consider everything and make the right choice as your vote matters.

Term: Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

We are all facing unforeseen circumstances from COVID-19 but our education continues to be of importance. I am running as student senator to help voice your concerns and priorities as the future of City College of San Francisco becomes uncertain. I assure you all I will dedicate my time and efforts to make sure that any disruptions do not create a disadvantage to our academic, professional, and personal progress. Despite these changes in our daily lives, we all continue to be the heart of City College and our education matters.



Term: Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

My interest in working on the Ocean Campus Associated Student Council sparks from my excitement and dedication towards the school and its students for the upcoming year. As a returning Senator I would offer my experience and leadership skills. I am never afraid to take on a challenge and public speaking has always come easy. To me the most important issue I would want to take on would be the activities and resources offered for the students. I would want to make sure that our campus offers a place for all types of students from all walks of life. I personally think we should have more recognized clubs and more types of social groups. If given the chance to join I hope to grow as a student in an environment where change is always happening. I genuinely care about the school I am attending and all the students as well. The Associated students should be recognized and appreciated for the work they do.

Term: Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

As City College of San Francisco continues to pioneer free college amid the COVID-19 crisis, and many other challenges, strong student leadership is needed to optimize the efforts made by staff and students. My experience as a leader in the military, as an Standing Rock organizer, and as a business project manager will bring a valuable set of skills to the table as a Student Council Senator.


Term: Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

The reason why I am interested in running for the Ocean Campus student council is because I would like to see more positive progress being made within our school, but not from a distance; I would like to be on the front lines of fighting for change within our school. Our school deserves a zealous government that is focused on dedicating and investing in bettering the school day by day, and I would like to be one of the people that make sure that happens. I want to be one of the voices that advocates for more funding and help tackle the budget-deficit our school is facing head-on. I personally don’t think it is right that 280 classes got cut in the 2019 fall semester, nonetheless seeing ethnic studies courses getting cut. I strongly believe those courses are important and teach the history of powerful movements and changes that were brought to our country for societal equality of all. Not only is it the class cuts, but there is always something that can be done. I’ve always been one to be an extremely driven, dedicated and persevering student who has great teamwork skills, as well as great people skills. I want to contribute my skills, knowledge, and time for greater causes that would bring change that our school needs and is worthy of. The first day I started my educational journey at CCSF I knew that I wanted to get involved in the school. However, I just wasn’t too sure how but now that I’ve got a feel for the water, I’ve come to decide that I want to work alongside people whose values and purpose align with mine. Which are people that are willing to go above and beyond for the school and the students. I dread the vision of city college being a grey place where there is no student life or spirit. City College should be full of life and student engagement where students actually look forward to going to because they know that each day will be an exciting new day. This is why one of the things I’d also like to do with my time on student government is to create more opportunities for student engagement. A cool idea I had in mind to do this would be setting up fun events that would engage students. While at the same time these events could raise funds for a given cause. It’s the little things that make a huge difference in the end and that’s why I’m determined to contribute my ideas, time, and effort. I want to see the City College of San Francisco be a homey, welcoming community where students want to be invested in the school and don’t just go because they have to go in order to get their AA or to transfer. Granted, city colleges in general already have that kind of wrap but I’d like to see our school break that stereotype. This is why I’m running for student council; I’m not doing this for myself, I'm doing this because I want to spread positivity and unity amongst students, all while making progressive changes that our school needs.

Term: Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

My name is Maral. I'm from Mongolia. This year is my first semester at CCSF.
I want more leads, more responsibility, more chances to work in a certain area or build a certain skill. I am running for school board because great schools and teachers made a difference in my own life and I know they can make a difference for thousands of other children in this community. As an educator, I have helped thousands of kids succeed and on the school board, I will bring this passion and experience to help tens of thousands more.
I'm honest. I may not make friends with everyone when I speak the truth, but in my humble opinion, I need to be willing to stand up for what is true. I'm willing. Candidates must be willing to do what is necessary to serve my community.

Term: Fall 2020 - Spring 2021