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As a member of the Associated Students Council, you will have the opportunity to be a representative of the student body, plan fun events for students throughout the year, meet new people, and develop professional skills.

Fall 2020 Special Election Results

Thank you to all the students who participated in the Chinatown and Evans Centers Special Elections. The results are in and we would like to congratulate our new leaders!

Congratulations to the newly elected Evans President!

“I work full time at the Evans Center and have been enrolled in 5 classes each of the last 2 semesters. I've gained a profound understanding of all of the Centers and all of the challenges that are faced daily. I am passionate about serving and sharing my experience with students, faculty, classified staff and administration of the Evans Center. I want to serve so that they may experience that the joy of learning and working at a Center with so many complexities. Given the new and profound changes and challenges, I am here to accept these issues and build my platform accordingly."

Congratulations to the newly elected Chinatown Center Representatives!

"I want to serve and represent students"

My name is Cuiyan Lao. I have been in America for more than four years. I have been an officer in the Student Council at CHNB since 2016. During this time I was lucky to be treasurer. I did my best  to keep clear and accurate budget reports. Now I want to run for Vice President. I joined the Student Council because I like to work with others and make more friends. I enjoy taking on responsibilities and work hard. I have good communication skills and team spirit and I hope to use my strengths to better serve our fellow students.


I am Hongzhou Cai. I came to America 11 years ago. I have been an officer in the Student Council at CHNB since 2016. I was lucky to be voted Vice President last year. Now I want to run for Treasurer. I think that joining the Student Council does not only improve my organization skills but also gives me many opportunities to learn many new things and make new friends while serving students. I will try my best to finish the work for the Student Council. I’m a honest, responsible, and hardworking student. My major is Early Childhood Development. I like to read, travel, shop, exercise, listen to music, and make friends.

我是Jojo Cai . 我11年前来到美国。 自2016年以来,我一直担任CHNB学生会的干事。很幸运,我去年被选为学生会副主席。 現在我想參選財政一職。我认为加入学生会不仅可以提高我的组织能力,而且还为我提供了许多学习新事物和结交新朋友的机会,同时也为学生服务。 我将尽力完成学生会和同学交给我的任务。 我是一个诚实,负责和勤奋的学生。 我的专业是早期儿童发展。 我喜欢读书,旅行,购物,運動,听音乐和结交朋友。

We are always looking for student leaders! If you would like to get involved in a council or be appointed to a college committee please contact us!
There are always ways to get involved by joining a council, serving as a student representative on a committee, or participating at an event or resource center!