Associated Students Host Fall Special Election

Congratulations to the students who participated in the fall special election! Here are the results:

Chinatown/North Beach Center
President: Chineseman Lai with 14 votes
Vice President: MiaoYun Chen with 17 votes
Treasurer” Carlos Arcos with 12 votes

John Adams Center
President: Angelica Nevarez with 16 votes
Vice President: Gihan Pettway with 14 votes
Treasurer: Winnie Chen with 16 votes
Secretary: Amanda Hill with 14 votes

Meet Your Representatives - Chinatown/North Beach

'Hi all I’m Chineseman. I’m from China and I moved to California in early 2022. California is supposed to be the land of sunshine and warm weather, so let’s work together to make CCSF a warmer place to be :)"




Please explain specifically why you would like to represent the students of the center/location you selected. (Describe your ties to the community- classes taken, clubs, programs participated in, etc.): "I'm taking Tai Chi class at Chinatown and live close to there as well."

"Hello, everyone. I am Miaoyun Chen. I immigrated from Guangdong, China last year and began my course learning at CCSF earlier this year.  

I was lucky enough to be able to learn some English while growing up in China. However I would not consider myself highly proficient in English. There is still a lot for me to learn.  

Knowing this, I think I can be a helpful connection between newcomer students and the faculty/administration since I understand some of the challenges and obstacles that might be present.  I would like to help other students build community. I hope to become more proficient so that in the future I can perhaps become a teacher or teacher aide."


Meet Your Representatives - John Adams

"Hello everyone!  My name is Angelica Nevarez, and I am interested in serving our community once again at the John Adams Campus. I have learned so much about being a better individual, student, and human being through my time as President, beginning in Fall 2021. 

The primary reason why I am wanting to run for office once again is that I love supporting my John Adams family. There have been several times throughout the semester when people ask me if I am doing too much, and to be truthful, I never thought of my efforts as work or a hassle. What motivates and pushes me are the smiles of our John Adams community. I really care about the CCSF community, including our faculty as to what our needs, hopes, and future are. 

I am not perfect as anyone else, but I can support the needs, concerns, and accomplishments that our John Adams family has to offer. I would like to continue the journey in this leadership position so that I am able to work with others and learn how to continue the CCSF community spirit as it goes into the future.

One of the amazing things about being a part of the CCSF Associated Student Council is that you get to guide, protect, and support the community that has established the foundation for education. I love connecting with other students, faculty, and our local community and how I get to hear them on a human level. I am not here to prove that I am right or wrong with politics, but I am here to listen and create realistic solutions and guide the rest of our community on what the plans are to execute challenging times. 

Through my experience as the President, I was able to meet amazing students with a desire to succeed both in class and in their futures. As someone who deals with mental health, I understand the importance to be there for others. It’s much more than providing snacks through our Snack Program, but is to be able to remind our community that they are human beings and that at CCSF, they will have the support and resources to be the best version of themselves. This also includes creating safe mental health spaces and ensuring that our students practice self-care and kindness to themselves as they proceed with their lives and passion for education.

I understand the frustrations of those in our community with certain concerns regarding our school. But as I mentioned above, listening to one another is more effective and making sure as a leader to have that connection with our community, and as a team to figure out what is needed to resolve it helps us understand how to overcome a challenge. Nothing can move forward without hope, diligence, and support. That also goes with life. 

My goal is to again bring our John Adams community stronger by creating awareness and support for our John Adams family. This includes resources to medical, food, mental, child-care, and housing resources that can work with us to provide on-site and remote support with our John Adams community. I want to give students and our community, fewer things to worry about so that they can just focus on their studies. If students are able to receive the support that they need, then they will be able to shine bright with their heads up high, representing CCSF in their careers." 


Please explain specifically why you would like to represent the students of the John Adams Center. (Describe your ties to the community- classes taken, clubs, programs participated in, etc.): "As a John Adams student myself I understand what is like to be a student that has a wonderful center that has endless possibilities but just needs more resources and a chance to grow. Prior to becoming Vice-President in my second semester at John Adams, I always wanted to be connected with my community and help the John Adams staff in any capacity because I knew that the students appreciated when someone would guide them with compassion. It could be something simple as walking them to their class because they are lost and english is not their first language or showing them where the library is so that they have a chance to rent a book that maybe they weren't able to afford. Being a John Adams students and showing actions of compassion is natural to me and I would continue to do that for students and our John Adams community because those are the values that have made me return to CCSF. I have taken amazing courses at John Adams and have stopped by and checked on other departments prior to COVID to see what students needed and how they were feeling. This is not limited to our DSPS, Business, Child Development, ESL, and John Adams community. I have participated in PGC committees previously and would like to continue to do so in order to share the student perspective and get things moving forward so that our students have a fair chance to enrich their education experience. John Adams campus is one of the many heartbeats of CCSF."

"I believe that it would be an honor for me to serve as vice president of the student council, which is one of the reasons why I am running for office. There are certain characteristics that should be possessed by a vice president of the student council, and I have those characteristics. To begin, I would like to run down all the skills and experiences that I can contribute to the Student Council. I have a lot of respect for my classmates and my teachers, and I think that if you want to be a good leader, you should respect everyone for whom you are standing for. I have a strong history of academic success, and I believe that a Vice President should not only serve as a positive example for the rest of the student body but should also take the academic reins as well. In addition to my academic abilities, I have developed leadership skills because of tutoring multiple courses for the medical assisting program. These skills are in addition to my academic abilities. If you elect me to the position of Vice President, one of my goals will be to encourage as many of my classmates as possible to take part in activities that are held by the school. I will never stop working toward the achievement of the most challenging objectives, not only for myself but also for the rest of the school. My experience has led me to believe that those who serve on the student council are the ones most responsible for facilitating communication between the student body and the faculty and staff of the school. I believe that if I can work beside the president, and the rest of the student council to help students receive the necessary assistance that they need. In addition, I would like to represent the medical assisting program, which has provided me with nothing but positive experiences. And would like everyone in the program who wishes to request assistance to have a student council representative who is also enrolled in the same program as them. I would represent everyone with positive representation and continue to make and speak up for not just myself but also everyone that I will represent. There are a lot of reasons why I should be given the opportunity to make as much of a positive impact on this institution as I can. One of the many qualities that I bring to the table for consideration for the position of vice president is a profound and consuming passion for the role. And want to represent John Adams with a positive attitude and with respect and this quality I carry with me all the time."


Please explain specifically why you would like to represent the students of the John Adams Center. (Describe your ties to the community- classes taken, clubs, programs participated in, etc.): "I would be a great representation for the students at the John Adams location. I am in the MA advisory committee and a tutor for different courses in the MA program. I want the best for all students and if there are changes that will need to be changed I would make sure to work with the President to make sure they happen."

"My name is Winnie Chen. I am a MA student taking classes at the John Adams campus. I always have had a passion for serving my community. I used to be pretty timid to try any public affair position because I didn't know if I had the ability or not. However, after hearing from my professor and fellow students, I believe it is an excellent opportunity to try because I care about our student welfare. I would like to acquire leadership skills, and the John Adams campus needs a voice from the student council representing the students. I would like to run for the treasurer position. The treasurer is responsible for all money-related assignments, which helps the student council use the money wisely.
The council needs to keep track of the budget and make every penny worth it. My personality makes me a good candidate for the treasurer position because I am a very detail oriented person. I will go through every receipt and keep them all in place. I pay attention to my work, and I always double-check it. Even though I do not have a financial background, I am a fast learner and willing to learn if I have any opportunities. I am a diligent person as well. I value my work and treat them seriously. In order to be a good treasurer, being organized is essential. I am confident in keeping the student council's records in a clear and organized fashion. I don't have much experience in public positions, but I have a heart willing to serve my peers. I am a team player, and I follow directions well. To me, an ideal student council member should be able to work well with others and independently. I have the qualities to be a perfect candidate.
I am interested in the student council because students will spend most of their time on campus, and I want everyone to be welcome while in school. Although COVID shut down the campus for two years, it doesn't stop the hearts of those who want to learn. I want to be part of the student council that hears their opinions and represents them well for our John Adams students. 
If I have the honor of serving as a treasurer, I would like to propose some library funding can go to coding books. I know City College provides some resources to students, but not everyone is qualified for financial aid or specific programs. Since the coding books update every year, it will be beneficial for HCT students to have enough resources in coding books. I think students will utilize the library more if students can get the exact help they need. The student council should be the connection between students and the school by delivering the messages. I want to use my personal experience to help my fellow students so that we can all succeed and achieve our goals. I am looking forward to serving my community as a treasurer and I will try my best to help."


Please explain specifically why you would like to represent the students of the John Adams Center. (Describe your ties to the community- classes taken, clubs, programs participated in, etc.): "I enroll in the medical assisting program"

"Due to Covid, I had little to no experience with the John Adams campus before this semester, so I’m not sure what it was like pre-Covid, but I know it could definitely be better now that we’re back. I’d like to use my background in Management to help bring more resources to us, the students. I’m currently the Volunteer Coordinator for a large Non-Profit Organization here in SF where I’m responsible for bringing hundreds of people together to host large fundraising events. I feel like that knowledge and skill set would be valuable to the student council where working with a team is crucial to achieving our goals. 

Ideally we get the cafeteria food situation taken care of as well as providing some sort of communal space for students to come together anytime, but especially on those days some of us are “trapped” on campus all day. Right now we’re doing our community building out in the parking lot, wouldn’t a soft space to sit down be nice? 

In terms of other issues facing the Campus, I admit that my newness leaves me with little knowledge on that front, but I’m here to learn and most importantly, listen, as I’m eager to help my fellow students travel the easiest path possible to reaching our educational and career goals." 


Please explain specifically why you would like to represent the students of the John Adams Center. (Describe your ties to the community- classes taken, clubs, programs participated in, etc.): "I’m currently in my second year of the MA program and much like you all, I’m getting to see the John Adams campus for the first time, and I think most would agree, it could use some help."