Meet the Candidates! 

Ballot Open April 19 - April 23

Between April 19 and April 23, all currently enrolled City College of San Francisco students will have the opportunity to vote for your student leaders for the Fall 2021-Spring 2022 school year. Please read about each candidate in preparation to vote in the election.

Candidates for Student Trustee

I am running for Student Trustee because CCSF   has been an invaluable resource for me in my   quest for lifelong learning and a connection to the   pulse of the San Francisco community, so much   so  that I want to give back in the form of my time   and experience to understand and voice the   needs  of the students. Even as accessible as   CCSF is with the remote learning, financial   aid/Free City, and the countless student programs,   there is always room for improvement. How do we entice more community members to take classes at CCSF, keep retention high, and address the educational goals of its students? We want to provide the best experience possible so that students are able to make the most of their time here, whether the classes they take serve to enrich or to help them be a strong candidate for employment.

I'm a first generation Vietnamese-American and college student. I was raised by a single mother in a low-income household where I was home alone all the time. In that space, reading books borrowed from the public library and learning from the television supplemented my education after school. A little bit of my educational journey: I have a B.A. in Political Science, double minored in Environment Studies and Psychology from San Diego State University, an A.S. in Administration of Justice from the College of Marin, and I am finishing up credits for a Paralegal Certificate here at CCSF (in that order!). As an undergraduate at SDSU, I would take extra courses at the local community college so that I could graduate on time, on my own terms. I have always worked and gone to school at the same time; I did not have the luxury to just be a college student. So, I know that there are things we can do to help as a school resource with time management so that their lives don’t stop just because they want to continue learning. In my indecision with going to law school, I went back to CCSF for the Paralegal Studies program and I am happy that I did. It provided me with a solid foundation to be confident in my legal research and writing skills so that I could hit the ground running if I did decide to go, otherwise as upskilling for a job as a paralegal. I believe that this time around as a mature student going back to school specifically at CCSF, has deepened my love for learning and understanding.

As Student Trustee, I vow to be there for any and all students seeking extra assistance. I will do my best to address inequities in the system through not just ADA and WCAG compliance, but fighting systemic racism, obtaining more language access, resources for homeless students, creating materials for student success, and identifying community stakeholders to give back to CCSF through partnerships and focused giving. I am also passionate about the environment, and would like to see about reducing waste and sustainability measures that are able to be implemented and cost-effective.

Giving back means a lot to me. I was a Big Sister and Ambassador of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for 5 years, volunteered at numerous film festivals, beach cleanups, etc., fundraised for St. Jude Children's Hospital, and also won "Most Service Projects" as Service Chair of my sorority. I've completed the NERT (Neighborhood Emergency Response Team) training so that I could be prepared to help during the next emergency.

I want to help see that CCSF is running efficiently, is actively removing any barriers in the way of education, that CCSF attracts more people to attend and contribute to our already diverse campus and thus making a case to stop cutting what is left of our programs. We're all in this together, and there is enough space for everyone at the table without leaving anyone out. As we approach the "new Normal" it is a process of adjustment on both our parts, and I would be honored to serve you as your Student Trustee.

Homelessness has changed my gleeful perception of America, the fact that we are currently in other countries protecting them with our resources from our advisories to advocate and advance our democracy with little to no such support for our homeless. We have foreign aid apart of our pandemic relief budget to help the bewildered countries that need our support, yet our own countrymen are living on the streets here in America is not just astounding but backwards wrong. How can one heal the world without healing themselves?

     My current major is Mechanical Engineering, but I have always wanted to use my voice and experiences to help what I think is our most valuable resource, which is our American citizens. As crude and as dysfunctional as our political system may seem, it is our main source of change where we bring our unique ideas together in hope of a compromise for the better good, and why I would like to be a part of it. I have placed myself in every opportunity to hold some seat of authority whether as a Non-Commissioned officer in the Military, to a Veteran student leader at City College of San Francisco, with a possibility of constructive and substantiative change to make our society better.

     After honorable serving in the military my life restarted, and now seeking the education I broke away from, ended up settling in the most unlikely places with no kin, no friends from the past, or familiar faces, a place of love and tolerance called Golden Gate city of San Francisco which is now my home. Being from the boroughs of New York it took a bit getting used to, but like my many training “adapt and overcome”. There was only one obstacle seemingly unmountable, the homelessness did not let me sleep at night. I did not understand how we did so much for other countries but here in our domicile, our brothers and sisters were on the streets laying cold at times on bare concrete in inhumane conditions, in feces, incapacitated by lost dreams hopelessly healed by drugs yet crawling on their bare knees on the sidewalk pavement out of touch with reality. This was not the America I thought left and not the America I wanted.

     While we build ships to mars and ways to make our life less physical, I will continue to aspire to make the changes necessary for humans to live in peace and with hope, knowing if they should ever fall there will always be a hand if they should ever need it. My aim as a student trustee, is in the debate of positive changes for our students who at times have diverse and unique challenges, to be a strong voice for each one of them. The ones who may not have the resources, the ones who may be disable, the ones who may have challenges that cannot be seen. If I were to get elected, I would take the job seriously just as I would If I were to run for any future offices, with a heart and mind like no other. My Name is Sheldon Hutchinson, and I am running as your Student Trustee.

Students First! Who better to represent students than someone who stands side-by-side with and for students. My name is Juan “Malinalli” Villalobos. I go by “Malinalli”, which is my indigenous Aztec name. I am a full time student at CCSF with nearly a 4.0 gpa. My majors include Associates in Arts and Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Anthropology, and Ethnic Studies with a concentration in both Critical Pacific Islander Studies and Latin American & Latinx Studies, as well as a certificate in Diversity & Social Justice and Gender Studies.  I recently graduated, but am continuing on taking classes and working on several other degrees. I have extensive experience working and advocating for a diverse community population. Beginning as a youth and young adult, I have been doing community work, making sure the underrepresented communities have representation.

 For the past year or so, I have been working with a grassroots, environmental and local community Organization, PODER (People Organizing To Demand Environmental and Economic Rights). Under the current Pandemic situation, one of our main goals is to provide the community with food security, delivering food directly to people, (over 200 families) contactlessly. During the pandemic, I have also given my time to Masks for the Movement, Which is a program that supports women garment workers to work from home and provide masks for the community. I made special deliveries and worked directly with them to make sure they were taken care of.  Besides local community volunteering, I am currently a student mentor at Students Supporting Students (SCUBE,) one of the retention and resource centers here on the CCSF Ocean main campus. As a mentor, I work one-on- one with students who need support by providing not only academic support and student counselling, but also community and emotional support as needed. At SCUBE we try to reach the community that needs help the most and help them with their goals of a four year university and beyond. 

I also am a member of VASA, which is another student success program that supports the Pacific Islander community and beyond. It was one of the first programs I found here at CCSF. Working alongside the Summer Bridge program (a program that bridges new students to college learning and where my CCSF journey began) as well as with the Diversity Collaborative (which is a collective of departments that work together to overcome the achievement gaps and obstacles that many communities face) has allowed for intersectional learning. Being a part of the Diversity Collaborative has given me the honor to work with many communities and programs which include: Afican American Studies, Asian American Studies, Asian Studies, Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS), Interdisciplinary Studies (IDST), Labor and Community Studies, Latinx Studies, LGBTQQI Studies, Philippine Studies, and Women and Gender Studies. We are many diverse communities who have come to CCSF for betterment of our futures and our communities.  Being a part of the Diversity Collaborative has allowed me to be a well rounded student who appreciates the many communities that CCSF represents. 

As a first generation college student, my goal is to transfer and achieve my B.A., & Ph.D. degrees, in order to be an educator. I hope one day to return to CCSF as an educator, to pass on my knowledge to the next generation of student community members.

I am a student and community activist/organizer who advocates for undocumented/DACA(mented) & all students regardless of their immigration status.

Your Vote will count:

-Students First! → To advocate for students & their interest/needs in the most important decision making space at CCSF (The Board of Trustees).

-Students First! → To ensure that students have an impactful role in the governance of CCSF by working on incentives for service so that marginalized student voices can have a seat at the table and meet some of their basic needs. Another crucial piece to this is the enfranchisement of the Student Trustee role, which includes working towards a full vote that is honored by the college and board. This would also include advocating for Classes not to be cut or whole programs discontinued.

-Students First! → To develop a plan of action to further support our student resource centers and prevent disruptions to the vital services they provide our student body.

-Students First! → To propose educational & cultural events of the diverse student population.

 With much humility & excitement, I am running to be your CCSF Student Trustee.

In Solidarity,


(Juan “Malinalli” Villalobos)

Candidates for Student Chancellor/Vice Chancellor

Since no applications were submitted for Student Chancellor, one may be appointed by the Associated Students Executive Council at the beginning of the Fall 2021 term. Check back if you are interested in serving in this important role!

 Dear Sir or Madam,

 I am an international student at CCSF and pursuing a degree in Spanish and a certificate in   Data Science. I have a lot of experience in serving as a student leader which also makes me very passionate about not only connecting students with administration and professors but also advocating for students. I served as the Student President at the Student Association and the Vice President at the Student Volunteer Club when I pursued my Bachelor degree. I also served as the student leader in the class at my graduate school during these years getting my MA degree. Students will not only need to improve their academic grades but also need to get involved with campus life. I worked in the student government body in China as well when I got my bachelor’s degree. As the president of the Student Association in college, I organized and joined many volunteering events in helping others as well as bridging students and administration. After researching and learning more about the student body government at CCSF, I have become very excited about the existing opportunity as a Student Vice-Chancellor. I believe that running for the student vice-chancellor is a perfect opportunity for me to leverage my years of student leader experience to become considered as a qualified candidate for this opening position.

Serving as the vice-chancellor can also be the greatest opportunity for me to connect students with college stakeholders as well as improve my public speaking skills. I believe that my broad studying and working background in both Chinese, English, and Spanish languages enables me to work with the various student councils to encourage multilingual communication and contribute significantly to student body government.

I was teaching Chinese at the University of Kansas for 2 years and International Leadership of Texas for 2 years as well, I had the responsibility to work with many students from different backgrounds. After starting my academic career in CCSF, I was lucky to work as a secretary in the ASCO for a year and I realized how many resources there were at CCSF. As an international student, I notice how useful these resources are and I am willing to get more students involved in campus life including academic organizations, clubs, resource centers, etc. I never knew where to get more support and resources before working as the secretary. I want to give students a voice and help more students to get enough support from CCSF with the support they need. Being the secretary allows me to go to different meetings and observe the system of student government. By taking minutes for each meeting, I also learned how to deal with different situations in meetings as a recorder and observer.

I am confident that my years of devotion to studying, working, and teaching aligned with my dedication to being a compassionate, enthusiastic student vice- chancellor enables me to make a valuable contribution to CCSF if offered the opportunity.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, Siwei Tang

Candidates for John Adams Associated Students Council

 I would like to continue to represent the student and John Adams family. I have many years of experience with CCSF and outreach.   Especially working in multiple campuses and collaborating with multiple groups to get input and support to provide resolutions. My community at John Adams has a voice and needs the continuation and support to be represented as a whole in CCSF. Our campus needs more support than ever as the future of healthcare, business, ESL, and DSPS students provide the foundation for a continuous and bright future. I met the students from these programs and they cannot be forgotten but given a chance and hope to help them reach their greatest potential. I love my John Adams family.

Candidates for Ocean Associated Students Council

 My name is Sisay Gunsamo Guga. I was born and raised in Hawassa city, Ethiopia. I came to the U.S when I was 20 years old. The U.S was my dream country since I was a child. Finally made it and I live now in Oakland, California. The CCSF is one of the few organizations that had an impact on my personal development. I was able to get an education almost for free.

Since I have an interest in leadership, I want to start by serving the CCSF students and community.

Our world lacks true leadership in many areas and because of that, problems are increasing every day. I want to be part of the solution to those current and incoming problems. Through serving my purpose to my fellow students and empowering them to serve their purposes as well, I hope together we will bring change to the CCSF students and community. I believe in servant leadership and empowering others. If we all find our passion and serve it to the world, I hope we will make difference and impact those around us.

We all have gifts inside and finding and growing that gift could be challenging sometimes. I had a passion for politics since I was a child but my environment made it hard to give birth to this gift. However, I never give up on my passion. I want to start this journey as the CCSF student government council. I will do all my best to uplift and encourage my fellow students during these difficult times. I am a people person and I will use this personality not to judge and discourage students around me but to motivate and empower them to pursue their dream. I believe that will create an impact.

College life could be hard especially during a pandemic. However, as an Asian proverb, every crisis is an opportunity. If I get elected to the office, I will emphasize and promote those opportunities. Opportunities that will bring all of us together, Opportunities that will help us to serve, love, and respect each other. Hope and Peace to all of you! Please vote for me so I will serve you!

 Hi everyone, my name is Heather Brandt. I come to you as a student, parent, and advocate for equity. I share compassion, honesty, and drive as a fellow CCSF community member and I am asking for your vote for Associated Student Council President of the Ocean Campus.

I was born and raised in San Francisco. I am Latina. I am Muslim. I am a first-generation college student and mother of three. As such it is of utmost importance that CCSF holds and makes space for students from all walks of life. Inclusion, equity, and accessibility are at the forefront of everything I stand for. I am committed to ensuring that all students feel they have a place within our educational institution. Our voices need to be heard and valued for an integral part we play in the success of CCSF. This is me, I own it and am completely unapologetic about it.

I am aware of and understand the current struggles of the CCSF community and would like to work with you all on how to meet our goals together. In addition, I am so grateful for everything that CCSF has given me and look forward to the opportunity to give back.

While I do have experience supporting students, I am not walking in with a set agenda, but more so a willingness to learn, grow and collaborate. The goal is to meet each other where we are at, listen to one another, work together, and move forward. Leaders are willing to listen to their community, learn from others, and be inspired by YOU. The best of leaders are eager to engage with those they represent and are a part of the community themselves. Leaders are honest and transparent about their strengths and their shortcomings. I am human and I make mistakes and learn from them. I am not perfect. However, I know I can be your leader.

In my time at CCSF, I have had various leadership roles, such as Inter-Club Council Representative and President of Student Parents United, a club on the Ocean Campus that works to support student parents at CCSF. I currently work at the Family Resource Center, one of the only spaces on campus designed with student parents in mind. The Family Resource Center helped me understand the importance of growth and development. With this, I advocated for the needs of student parents, like myself. This is important to bring up because building community is the foundation of CCSF.

When the Labor and Community Studies department was in jeopardy and at risk, I was there to serve as a student representative, ensuring that one of the most vital parts of what makes CCSF so special wasn’t lost. Time in and time out I have shown up and will continue to show up for CCSF students. Not because I have to, but because the community is in my heart.

Although I am a Public Health and Social Justice major. I consider myself a lifelong learner and in my time at CCSF have taken courses across a variety of different disciplines.

Outside of CCSF, I have 10 years of experience in the community at various Community-Based Organizations providing services to underrepresented and underserved communities. Helping others in any and all ways that I possibly can is at the core of my very being. It is the common denominator in the work I do. I can assure you that I practice what I preach and would like to continue that same passion with helping others to the best of my ability.

If elected, you will get what I am sharing with you here, honesty, open communication, compassion, leadership, collaboration, and authenticity. I care with an open heart about what happens to our CCSF community and about YOUR future. I understand times are tough and I want to do my part in ensuring that we get through these challenging times together. Thank you.


 I am running for office because I would like to give every student an opportunity for their voices to be heard. These tough times have affected us all greatly and I would like to provide a better support system for students who are struggling with everything going on. I would also like to provide another platform for students to ask questions, and talk about their thoughts and ideas, in a judgment-free zone.   For me, I was always a student who thought a lot but wouldn’t say anything because I didn’t think it was valuable. I learned that even though I had felt that way, that wasn’t the case, everyone deserves to have their say in what goes on in their lives. I am going to school, therefore I would like to have a say in how my school is treating me. If I am chosen, I want to hear everyone! I want to listen and come up with great ideas that will help students in the long run so everyone can have a positive experience in this school.

 As a first-year student at the City College of San   Francisco, I have made it my priority to not only perform at a high academic level but also gain a   better insight into the overall community CCSF has to offer. When I first decided to become a full-time   CCSF student I wanted to make sure that I took on everything CCSF had to offer. When it came to building a better understanding of the school, my professors, the resource centers, and even my fellow classmates made sure to go out of their way to help me along my journey. Being a part of the current Executive council has given me the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how the school is involved with the overall process of recognizing clubs, allocating funds to resource centers, and promoting club creation. Having been given this opportunity to work with such great individuals, I feel as if my transparent understanding of the school's culture and dynamics has increased a lot. Decision-making on a larger scale has taught me the importance of discussion and conversation. Along with being a part of multiple clubs at CCSF, such as ABG, AGS, and the student investment club, I have seen the importance of being able to offer a place where students are given the ability to gather with like-minded individuals. The importance of clubs during a time of COVID has shown me that the students at CCSF should be given opportunities to meet new individuals and not feel as if they only needed to rely on themselves. Speaking from personal experience, I feel as if CCSF made it so that incoming students had the chance to ask questions and speak out without any confusion. I want to ensure that new students coming into CCSF understand that they have this opportunity to talk with people who care and who want them to succeed. Running for office would not only give me the ability to learn the process of leadership and developing my interpersonal skills but will also grant me the chance to work with individuals that believe in building a better place for CCSF. I have met some great individuals such as students, teachers, and counselors in CCSF that makes me believe that CCSF has a lot to offer when it comes to building a strong foundation for incoming college students. When it comes to a more specific goal, I hope that I can eventually become the Vice President of finance for the executive council. Looking at our current budgeting system and overall allocation of our funds I hope to be able to partake in the economic part of the school. Being a business major, I feel as if having a grasp and understanding of the school's monetary position will give me the experience of understanding larger-scale monetary decisions. Working with the current finance committee, I feel as if I have learned a lot just by attending certain meetings and having discussions with the resource centers. My goal for running for office comes down to being able to build a better experience for others along with building better experiences for me.

Why do you want to serve the Ocean Campus specifically?

Being part of the ASCO executive council currently, I wish to be able to partake in more of the school's major operations when it comes to recognizing clubs, along with understanding the financial aspects of the school (part of the finance committee). Being an individual that is involved in many of CCSF's clubs I want to be able to place myself in a position where I can ultimately gain more exposure in the CCSF community, along with getting more involved in the creation of new clubs.

Hi my name is Jasmine Chow. I would like to run as a member of the student government because I enjoy working with students and want to engage in student activities that CCSF has to offer. In this position, I will be able to input my thoughts to improve campus life for students as well as hear what students need from our campus. As a current student at CCSF, I am directly impacted by the changes made by the student government and the opportunities that are presented to us. I would like to be a part of the decision-making regarding student programs, student engagement, and student success. Being a member of ICC has allowed me to see changes being made to improve student life and clubs creating opportunities for students to succeed. I enjoy spending time with my fellow classmates and hearing their hardships when attending college. I have also had hardships when deciding what programs to attend, what classes to take, and what major I want to pursue. CCSF has really helped me create a plan for my future by speaking with counselors, student leaders, and my professors. I was disappointed to hear that CCSF was cutting so many important programs, classes, and teachers. These are vital for student enrolment and for student success. I hope CCSF can find the funds to support these programs and allow students to fulfill their requirements for transfer. CCSF is not just a school, it’s a community support system. I have seen and used the resources centers at CCSF that support so many people in their day-to-day life. Financial aid, the Women’s Resource Center, the Mental Health Clinic, DSPS, Project Survive, the Mindfulness Meditation Club, and so many more resources help students not only academically but with life. I was very surprised to see how CCSF is a progressive College that asks these hard questions when dealing with community challenges. CCSF has so many great leaders that are there when students need them the most. I want to be a part of these changes and continue the progress that we have made. Being a student leader will help me have a better understanding of how CCSF impacts students day to day life as well as help students reach their full potential. I honestly, do not have as much experience in public speaking and in student government as others may have, but I am passionate about our campus and want to be a part of the solutions being made at CCSF. I enjoy attending meetings and hearing everyone’s input before expressing mine. I will be attending CCSF for at least one more year. I want to be a part of change and progression at CCSF before I graduate. I see this as a great opportunity to grow as a person while being more involved in the community. I want to help in any way I can and meet some great leaders in our community as I aspire to be one. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Thank you for your consideration.

Why do you want to serve the Ocean Campus specifically?

Hi, my name is Jasmine Chow and I'm currently attending my 2nd year at CCSF. During the first semester of quarantine, I decided to join the Mindfulness Meditation Club and was elected to be ICC Representative for the club. I really enjoy this position because I was able to get more involved with student engagement and have a say in events taking place in ICC and on campus. Opportunities as an officer for my club have led me to lead meetings, making flyers, recruiting members, and making our first Instagram account. During my time in ICC, I have joined the Student Engagement Task Force and the Unity Day Task Force. My job was to find decisive ways to improve student engagement and reach out to clubs for Unity Day. I enjoy working with students and making our campus more inclusive. I want to continue my leadership in student activities and have a role in student government. Thank you for your consideration. Have a nice day.

Throughout my past two years at CCSF, I have had a wonderful time getting involved in the community through clubs and the Metro transfer program. The support I’ve received from many professors, as well as peers, ranging from simple study sessions to difficulties with adjusting to virtual learning, has given me a welcoming experience. Through serving as an ICC representative and attending meetings, I’ve learned a lot about the work that goes into making the school a better place. The hard work and hours that several students put into planning events and discussing ways to improve our community are admiring. I am hoping to have the opportunity to join a similar committee that allows me to voice out concerns that I’ve encountered and work with others to better our school. Throughout this past year, the pandemic has made it increasingly difficult to adjust to virtual learning and connecting with other students during this time. I want to make a difference in our school and represent students in the struggles that come with this, as well as the transitioning back to in-person school when the time comes. As a student myself, I understand how strange and stressful this time can be, however, I believe with the right support and guidance, we can all get through this. One important aspect I hope to improve is campus life and working with others to find more ways we all can connect with each other and strengthen our community. Furthermore, I believe there is more to college than just attending classes. It is also important that everyone is able to immerse themselves in a community they feel comfortable and supported in. Creating an environment that welcomes each and every individual and allows them to participate in activities and clubs that they are passionate about is vital to me. I want everyone to be able to get the most out of their time at CCSF and feel that they are in an enriched and warm environment. I believe an increased amount of campus-wide events will create new and fun opportunities for students to get to know each other. Adding on, I would love to be able to learn and grow in this position and listen to the different perspectives of my peers in order to better represent them. There is a lot I can still improve in leadership and I know that serving on the associated student council will allow me to develop these skills and use them to enhance student life. I’m passionate about being a voice to all students and finding ways I can address each individual’s concerns, whether it ranges from academic struggles to improvements in our campus life. CCSF is already a great established school that only continues to grow during the years and I’d love to be able to take part in this development and help aid the school to reach even greater heights. I’m super committed to giving back to the school for all the opportunities it has given me so far and to able to support students in their time at city college.

Why do you want to serve the Ocean Campus specifically?

Throughout the past two years at CCSF, I’ve been welcomed into a very warm community. The support I got from the Metro Transfer program in picking my classes and transitioning into a new environment to the relationships I’ve developed with my professors and peers has strengthened my love for the CCSF community. I am having a great time in Alpha Gamma Sigma and have met many wonderful people there. In addition, I have learned a lot from serving as an ICC representative for the PMDP club and attending the meetings, as well as getting to know everyone there. Through the meetings, I’ve been opened to a wider range of the “behind the scenes” in making our school a better environment. I’ve recognized struggles students have encountered, especially during this pandemic, as well as the efforts everyone is making towards building a better community virtually. This has motivated me to apply for a higher position in hopes that I can help improve our school and watch it grow.

Hi CCSF Community, I'm Nicole Morris and I'm running to be an ASC Senator for the Ocean Campus. I am only in my second semester at City College, but am very proud to be a part of this dynamic community of teachers, students, admin, and alumni. As a San Francisco native, I have seen many of my friends and family enter this institution for many different reasons. What we all shared was hope for change: in our personal lives, in our family's lives, and for our community's future. In the short time I have been here, I have already witnessed the greatness and hope that exists within these walls, both within the core of my existence and on a city-wide scale. CCSF community is bold, driven, and the people really, really care.

I started the Fall 2020 semester lost amidst the pandemic. Feeling aimless and shorted by job opportunities within Ecology, what my B.S. is in, I found an opportunity at City College to follow one of my other passions: sexual health education. I pursued the Sexual Health Educator Certificate and completed it in one semester, but I was not done there. Even with a stacked 16 unit schedule, I found a joy within my coursework, my classmates, and the groups I was involved in, and have continued my coursework and involvement past my initial one-semester plan.

Project SURVIVE, our campus' organization that's focused on preventing sexual violence and promoting healthy relationships, has become a primary haven for my self-discovery and healing. I am both a Peer Educator and a member of Project SURVIVE Club, where I serve as the ICC Representative. Organizations like Project SURVIVE stand for inclusive, non-hierarchal community dynamics, and the knowledge that our program provides is simply invaluable. PS is essential to the fabric that makes City College brilliant, and I'm glad for its existence and feel privileged that I get to be involved in their important work.

Recent budget cuts experienced at City College, however, have gutted tons of unique and important programs similar to Project SURVIVE. I, and many others, are only able to experience City College because of Free City, one of the greatest advancements in free college in the U.S., but these cuts have ripped the fabric of this inclusive and accessible college. Such a large-scale, threatening attack seemingly turns that one step forward to two steps back.

The opportunity that CCSF provides to everybody makes it one of the most important communities in San Francisco today. In a city being ransacked by the evils of gentrification, City has preserved true community values within San Francisco. In keeping up with CCSF Collective's activist work in defending our community, the statement "We are not just a junior college, we are a community college" resonated with me. City College is a safe place. It's a place to experiment with different interests and achieve goals that may further your personal or career goals. It's a place to make friends, network, and belong. We are much more than a junior college, and I will always defend that.

As a senator, I want to make sure to protect the City College fabric. I am a leader who is committed to protecting and defending the wealth of opportunity I have seen within City College, and am so excited to serve the community both virtually and eventually in person. This pandemic has truncated so much of everyone's general livelihood that it's devastating how much of a blow was allowed and enacted to this quintessential institution. I object to anything that rips valuable resources and programs on our campus and am committed to defending all those who exist within its walls, encouraging more student-led initiatives, and overall, protecting the future of City College.

Why do you want to serve the Ocean Campus specifically?

I am only in my second semester at City College, but am very proud to be a part of this community. San Francisco has been my home all my life, and I am so grateful for the people and resources I have found in this local and accessible institution, especially in these difficult times. City College gave me hope in many ways, and I want to inspire that same hope through others. I started classes at CCSF with the intention to complete a Sexual Health Educator Certificate, but have stayed through my completion of the certificate because of how much joy I found within my classes and community involvement. I have taken classes related to the SHEC but also classes related to the Trauma Prevention and Recovery Certificate, which is my next goal. I am currently a Project SURVIVE Peer Educator and ICC Representative for Project SURVIVE Club. Project SURVIVE has helped me embody myself and my healing in such a meaningful way, and I believe it is an integral part of the fabric of City College. I want to work to maintain this fabric and to add classes and resources that protect minority and vulnerable populations in our community. Ocean Campus, although I have never visited as a student, holds a very special place in my heart. This specific campus has educated so many of my family members, and now me! Being a local to the Ocean Campus makes my ties all the stronger for wanting to defend the people within it at all costs.

As a returning senator, I feel that I have the experience and passion to work efficiently in ASC. In the past year, I served as a regular member on the Public Relations and Inter-Club Council committees, as well as being the vice-chair of the Rules & Regulations Committee. I was also a part of the Unity Day task force where we planned and hosted the (very successful!) first virtual Unity Day, and Endorsements taskforce. I took on many responsibilities, such as helping to draft the finalized Ocean Codes- a district-wide governing document that will establish the policies and procedures of student government- which has been a work in progress for the past several years! Being familiar with ASCO’s various social media accounts and posting/publicizing information has also made me informed and knowledgeable about the many events here at CCSF. As a club president myself, I have worked on both ends of the ICC and know the processes and student needs extremely well. I’m running to continue this work and carry on ongoing projects I have firsthand knowledge of, allowing me to resume the work of past members and myself.

My plans include continuing projects such as Uniflow as a campus life engagement website the ICC has worked on this past year to increase awareness of what’s offered at CCSF and to allow an easily accessible and organized source to participate in student life. Along with this, I will also increase engagement by establishing more of a social media presence for the council with more consistent posting and updated information that can become the main source for students to stay informed. Through the Rules & Regulations Committee, I am excited to do the precise work on governing documents and making sure the council is in compliance with all guidelines.

In working with and collaborating with so many people, I found a lot of joy in being a part of the community and being able to make a difference. I’m extremely dedicated and motivated in doing so because I’ve seen the effects and impact our work can do on students. One of the most important issues to me is student engagement. I want students to want to participate in school events and enjoy talking to their peers, making friends, or trying new things. I want everyone to enjoy our enriching campus rather than simply getting through their classes and spending two years feeling “stuck” in the city. My goal is to give back to the community and truly allow every student to have the best experience possible here at CCSF. I am committed to the students themselves, their needs, and the ram community as a whole.

This upcoming year will be my second year at CCSF as political science and communications major. I am capable in many ways, as demonstrated in the work I’ve already done through ASC. I can effectively manage my time, follow through on all tasks, and have the drive to work hard on the council. In general, I enjoy working with others and creating a positive impact. I believe in making the best of my time and want to encourage others to take advantage of the many opportunities provided by the programs, resource centers, clubs, and college as a whole.

Why do you want to serve the Ocean Campus specifically?

I would like to represent the students of the Ocean Campus because it is the campus I attend and take my classes at. I am part of the EOPS program and the president of the recognized club Reporting Out based at Ocean. Location-wise, it is more convenient, along with being the place I am truly invested in. Additionally, I was in the ASCO this past school year and so I am most familiar with it.

I am running for office because I believe in having proper representation. The elected officials should accurately represent the CCSF students, but they should also be part of the community. As someone raised in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, I understand many of the challenges that CCSF students face. I am a former volunteer at Glide Memorial, serving my community and those in need. I am also a current member of the Puente program at the Ocean campus and actively participate in City Dream. Being a DACA recipient also highly motivates me to run for office since many communities, including the undocumented community, have been voiceless for decades. Many times when marginalized voices speak up, they are muted with a quickness. That is one of the main reasons I am running for office; I want to be that voice.

Growing up in the Tenderloin district, I have been directly affected by many of the issues students face. The high cost of living and gentrification being one of those. Many of us have been displaced or moved aside so others can walk by. Getting elected as an official member of office would allow me to voice the concerns of the students. We are currently facing massive cuts that are threatening the future of many CCSF students. They should have a voice, and it should be amplified and escalated to those making decisions. Those in charge should not be making decisions without hearing our community’s voices and considering that. Our community is being pushed to the side, and we do not have the proper representation that will fight and echo all of our concerns.

If being elected, I will do the best job I possibly can. I will make sure that the voices of the CCSF students are accurately represented. Not only do our issues matter, our voices matter. I have witnessed many injustices in my lifetime, directly affecting my family and me, and I promised that I would never stand down from the truth or what is right.

Why do you want to serve the Ocean Campus specifically?

As a DACA recipient raised in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, I know the importance of proper representation of our diverse community. I am currently working on my Sociology (AA-T) and part of the City Dream and Puente program at the Ocean campus. I can be the perfect candidate to represent and voice the Ocean campus students properly.

My name is Daltzwer Oliveros and I am a returning student at CCSF Ocean Campus after taking a three-year break. After graduating high school back in 2016, I decided to apply to City College of San Francisco due to lackluster grades and the potential opportunities a community college has to offer. During my first semester at City College of San Francisco, however, I felt discouraged and overwhelmed by all the requirements necessary in order to transfer to a four-year university. At the time, I was unaware of the available resources CCSF had to offer, I was not even aware that CCSF had an associated student council. So, rather than getting the appropriate help I needed to succeed, I decided to take a three-year break to avoid all the daunting classes and requirements. I know many CCSF students are currently feeling the same emotions I had back in 2016; the anxiety of having to transfer, feeling discouraged by all the classes that we are required to take, and feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the resources that CCSF has to offer. I would like to represent the students of CCSF Ocean Campus so I can have more direct involvement in preventing such feelings for both future and current CCSF students. I plan on doing this by carefully studying CCSF’s current structure and resources it has available for its students and making myself available to guide anyone who may have doubts about what CCSF can offer them. I hope to further strengthen both my leadership and communication skills by working side by side with the other elected officials, coming up with ideas on how to give our students a better experience. I intend to use all the valuable lessons I learned from my three-year break from CCSF as a Starbucks manager, in which I was tasked, and successfully, turned three low-performing stores into high-performing stores in a matter of five months. Lastly, I wish to leave a lasting impact at CCSF before my eventual transfer to a University in 2022. I truly believe I have a lot to offer to the Associated Student Council of Ocean campus and even more to learn, and I hope you consider me to be one of the senators this coming fall. Thank you all in advance.

Why do you want to serve the Ocean Campus specifically?

I am a returning student at CCSF Ocean Campus after taking a three-year break. At the time, I was unaware of the resources available at the college and felt discouraged and overwhelmed with some of the decisions a community college student would make: such as which classes to take, what major to declare, what school to transfer to, where to get financial help, etc. I would like to represent the students of CCSF Ocean Campus so that I can be more involved in making sure that current and future students do not go through the same feelings I went through during my first year at City College.