How to Propose an Event Concert & Lecture Series

The first step in hosting an event is to write a proposal. Please organize your proposal using the Event Proposal Form. Should you have problems or questions, please contact Sadhana or stop by her office hours in the Concert and Lecture series office in Batmale 341 (by appointment).

In general, proposals should include:

  • At least a two-month lead time from the date of the anticipated C/L Series committee meeting to approve funding (e.g., October 1 for meeting October 5; event date of December 5 at the earliest)
  • The name, contact info, background and qualifications of the presenter
  • The anticipated Student Learning Outcomes – in our case, a general statement of what audience members would take away from the program that makes this presentation worthwhile to the College
  • The amount of funding requested and any shared funding from other entities
  • The source of the audience: for instance, specific classes committed to attend (we require a “core audience” guarantee)
  • Any other pertinent information (websites; special requirements for microphones, PowerPoint and other equipment; accessible space).

Steps Leading to Approval

  1. Once the proposal has been discussed with C/L Series coordinator, it will be placed onto the minutes of the next C/LS Committee meeting.
  2. The person proposing the event is welcome to attend the committee meeting to explain the proposal or answer any questions.
  3. The committee takes the proposal under advisement and votes on approval after excusing the non-committee members.
  4. Staff notifies the person making the proposal, of the determination of the committee, including any reservations or contingencies (shared funding, for instance).
  5. After all questions and contingencies have been met, the committee will take a final vote on whether to approve the proposal.