Build a Foundation in the Theory and Practice Labor and Community Organizing.

The Labor & Community Studies department offers courses that explore working class history, and prepare you for careers in labor and community organizing. We offer an 18-unit Certificate in Labor and Community Organizing, and Associates of Arts in Labor Studies, and an emphasis within the Social Justice Associates of Arts for Transfer.

Our Courses

The course of study includes instruction in the following:

  • Who Built America? From the Colonial Era to the Civil War and Reconstruction (LCBS 70A) and From Reconstruction to the Present (LCBS 70B)
  • Organizing for Economic and Social Justice (LCBS 81)
  • Labor Relations in the Modern American Workplace (LCBS 96C)
  • Shaping Public Policy for Labor and Community Organizations (LCBS 114)
  • Workforce Development & Land Use For Labor & Community Groups (LCBS 115)
  • California Labor History (LCBS 88)
  • Latin American Workers in the Americas (LBCS 15/LBCS 15)
  • Work Tales-Beginning Performance (LBCS 104A)
  • Social Justice Work Experience (IDST 300)

Specialized Training and Curriculum Development

Through our Extension and Contract Education Departments, we can help your organization design specialized training and curriculum development for your members, staff and volunteers. We have worked with Community Housing Partnership, SEIU Local 87, the San Francisco Bike Coalition and many others to help meet their education and training needs. We can offer workshops on:

  • Group facilitation decision-making techniques
  • Worker Rights (National and Local)
  • Popular Education and economics

  ... and much more! Contact the Chair to discuss your organization's needs.

Labor and Community Studies AA-T

We offer two-year program that provides a comprehensive introduction to the role and contributions of organized labor to American society; a thorough grounding in the rights of employees on the job; and a specialized training in the skills necessary to be an effective practitioner in the field of labor and industrial relations. Students who satisfy the requirements for graduation from the College and complete the required Labor Studies courses with the average grade of C (2.00 grade-point average) or higher receive the degree of Associate in Science in Labor Studies.

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