Environmental Monitoring Courses

EMSA 22, Foundations in Environmental Instrumentation, Sampling and Monitoring
Lec-52.5 Lab-52.5 field trips P/NP Available

ADVISE: MATH 40 or ET/BTEC 108A or placement in MATH 60; BIO 11; and CHEM 32 or 40

This introductory course in environmental field monitoring provides exposure and understanding of environmental field sampling and monitoring techniques for chemical and microbiological contaminants that impact the environment. Theoretical and practical experience is offered with emphasis on regulatory requirements governing sampling and field analysis of water, soil and air matrices.

Units: 4
Credit type: Credit/Degree Applicable

Formerly EMAP 22X/BIO 224X/GEOL 35X

EMSA 28, Environmental Microbiology Methods
Lec-35 Lab-70 field trips P/NP Available

ADVISE: BIO 11 or BTEC 10; and MB 12; and CHEM 32 or CHEM 40; and MATH 40 or ET/BTEC 108A or placement in MATH 60

An introduction to the theoretical aspects and laboratory methods in environmental microbiology. Students gain practical experience performing EPA and standard methods and protocols to examine environmental samples such as water, soil, and air. The laboratory will emphasize methods used to detect, enumerate and identify microorganisms in the environment.

Units: 3
Credit type: Credit/Degree Applicable
EMSA 30A, Water Quality Analysis by Anion-based Chromatography
Lec-12 Lab-12 field trips P/NP Available

PREREQ.: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in EMSA 22 or EMSA 28

Students will be taught the theory and practical applications of ion chromatography as it relates to water and drug quality analysis; identification and quantification of anions and other small molecules. This course will specifically study (EPA-Method-300.1A) and other standard methods used in both environmental and drug analyses.

Units: 0.5
Credit type: Credit/Degree Applicable