Mission Statement

Within the Continuing Student Counseling Department, we strive to assist students to develop skills to succeed in college, graduate, earn certificates, transfer, and to create and to maintain meaningful careers. Additionally, we endeavor to assist students to reflect on and articulately express their thoughts, values, skills, and interests, and to contribute to society in meaningful ways. To this end, our program of counseling services and courses will guide students to:

  • Apply self-assessment information to academic and career exploration.
  • Construct and take proactive steps to manage and overcome academic and personal obstacles.
  • Compare and contrast college majors and transfer institutions thoroughly before making a decision.
  • Identify and analyze their rights and responsibilities.
  • Investigate ways to contribute to society.
  • Apply research skills while taking action to create academic, career, and life options.
  • Recognize and value diversity within themselves and among others.


Counseling Continuing Students

CRER 60, Deciding on a Career
Lec-52.5 field trips P/NP Available

ADVISE: ENGL 88 or ESL 188 or readiness for college-level English

An in-depth study of the process of deciding on a career. Topics include career curiosity, self-assessments, the world of work, job markets, career development over the life span, and influence of career choice from family and relationships. Emphasis on researching career options and self-evaluating one's interests, values, and personality. Helpful to those considering a career change or undecided about a college major.

Units: 3
Credit type: Credit/Degree Applicable

Formerly "Creating Career Options"

CRER 61, Orientation to Career Success
Lec-17.5 P/NP Available

ADVISE: ENGL 88 or ESL 186 or readiness for college-level English

Designed to assist new and continuing students at various stages of the career planning process in exploring career options, confirming career choice, and preparing for career success. Topics include self-assessment, online career resources, major exploration, goal-setting, networking, and career management strategies.

Units: 1
Credit type: Credit/Degree Applicable

Offered every Fall semester.

CRER 62, Successful Job Search Techniques
Lec-17.5 P/NP Available

ADVISE: ENGL 88 or ESL 186 or placement in ESL 188 or readiness for college-level English

Practical step-by-step instructions and techniques to plan and organize an effective job search and promote an overall understanding of the job search process. Topics include best practices for writing cover letters and resumes, popular online job search tools, job description analysis to identify key workplace skills, networking for career success, interview preparation strategies, and successful interviewing techniques.

Units: 1
Credit type: Credit/Degree Applicable