Student Equity Articles and Resources

We have compiled the following list of articles to help students, faculty, and others learn more about and promoting equity and inclusion.  We update this list as new articles and research become available to us.

Teaching Strategies

Assessing High-Impact Learning for Underserved Students

Developing a Community College Roadmap

Developing a Community College Student Roadmap is designed to help community colleges create robust and proactive programs of academic support—tied to expected learning outcomes—that engage students at entrance and teach them, from the outset, how to become active partners in their own quest for educational success.

Center for Urban Education’s Impact on Equity Gaps

CUE’s impact of closing equity gaps at partner institutions is achieved by engaging various actors on campus (i.e. faculty, administration, staff) through a process of self-inquiry. When various practitioners engage in this change process, they improve student success outcomes and also have the tools and framework to continuously reassess their practices, policies, and structures that all impact student success.

Innovations in General Education: Give Students a Compass

Association of American Colleges & Universities:

Center for Urban Education at USC:

Public Agenda:

Research Triangle Institute:

Nancy Shulock, Colleen Moore and Connie Tan:

Center for Community College Student Engagement