Digital Resources

We have compiled a collection of open-source, anti-racism, and equity educational resources developed by CCSF faculty; accessible to all CCSF employees in the Vision Resource Center (VRC). We update this list as new digital resources and research become available to us.

In response to the Summer 2020 State Chancellor's "Call to Action' ("We cannot say we are equity champions and be afraid to have an open dialogue about structural racism” and calling for our system "to actively strategize and take action against structural racism”), the Behavioral Science Department in collaboration with colleagues across the college began to develop a Digital Equity Resource Library. This library of educational modules offers opportunities for personal and professional development and items for review and discussion for departments and affinity groups. It is also for faculty to use in their courses as-is or as templates for the development of similar material. This is an ever-evolving compendium of work by subject experts and will grow with each semester. Please do not hesitate to contact the subject expert who created the page for more information.

To have your essential scholarship on related topics added to the library, please contact J Carlin at

The Digital Equity Resources listed below in (bold) have educational modules you can view and complete in the Vision Resource Center (VRC). Follow the Playlist and complete the modules at your own pace.

CCSF Subject Experts & Educational Modules:

  • Using "Science" to Deny Humanity - Professor Sarah Ives
  • White Racial Identity Development - Dr. Lisa Harrison
  • Just at the Edge: The [in]visibility of Filipina/x/o Americans - Dr. Lily Ann B. Villaraza
  • California Child Welfare: Systems of Oppression, Racial Disparity, and Community College Students - Lark Baum
  • ​​Indigenous Peoples: Survival, Resistance, and Resilience - Dr. Barbara Las
  • Policing and Police Violence in Black and Brown Communities - Blayke Barker
  • Microaggressions: The What, Who, and How - Dr. Jennifer Manongdo
  • Understanding Transgender (Trans) Identities: The History of Gender Diversity, Contemporary Definitions, and Resources - Dr. Ardel Haefele-Thomas
  • Queering the Classroom-What Queer Students want their instructor to know- Mark Shrayber
  • An Introduction to Ethnic Studies-Vika Palaita
  • The Myth of the Meritocracy-Don't Lie to Students About What will Make them Successful in Class- J. Carlin
  • Non Violent Communication - Dr. Shelly-Ann Collins-Rawle
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution CCSF- Dr. Shelly-Ann Collins-Rawle