FAQ: District Employees - Student Conduct & Discipline

Question: Who can submit a Notice of Code of Student Conduct (COSC) violation report?

Response: Any current District employee may submit a Notice of COSC report. Faculty and Classified employees are encouraged to share the report with their immediate supervisors. Anonymous reports are not accepted and will not be followed up on by Student Conduct & Discipline.

Question: For what reason(s) should a report be submitted?

Response: Violations of the COSC should be reported to Student Conduct & Discipline within five (5) days of the alleged incident.

Question: Where is the Notice of COSC found?

Response: At the Student Conduct & Discipline website under the Student Conduct and Discipline tab. District Employees are also encouraged to submit a Notice of Code of Student Conduct Violation report.

Question: When will the student be notified?

Response: Generally, students are notified by Student Conduct & Discipline within five (5) days of receiving a report. However, Student Conduct & Discipline Office has up to 20 days to follow-up. District employees are encouraged to inform students that a report has been submitted to Student Conduct & Discipline and that they should expect to be notified for a conference meeting.


Question: What are the steps in addressing and resolving a COSC violation?

Response: The steps are Documentation (document the incident in detail); Notification (inform student they are being referred to Student Conduct & Discipline); 3) Conference/Follow-up (advise the student to schedule a Conference with Student Conduct & Discipline). Keep a copy of the report for your records.

Question: When documenting a COSC violation, what information should I include in my report?

Response: Specific facts and details (who, what, when, where, with whom) about the alleged violation.

Question: What should I exclude from my report?

Response: Stereotypes, generalizations, labels, opinions, diagnoses.



Question: Do I have to attend the scheduled disciplinary conference with the alleged violator/student?

Response: For most disciplinary conferences, your presence is not requested or required, and you will not be called upon as a witness. However, to gather more information about the alleged incident, the Disciplinary Officer may inquire with you about the report you submitted. In addition, in cases of recommended suspension or expulsio, your presence at an appeal hearing may be required.

Question: How long does it take to resolve the COSC matter? How do I learn about the status of the COSC matter?

Response: Most COSC violation report are resolved within seven (7) to ten (10) business days but may take up to 20 business days. You may contact Student Conduct & Discipline via telephone or emails to inquire about the status of a COSC matter.



Question: What if I need a student to be removed from my classroom (faculty) or from an area (classified employees/supervisor/administrators)?

Response: Faculty may temporarily remove a student from a classroom for up to two (2) instructional class meetings/days. Classified staff members, with approval from the immediate site supervisor, and administrators may temporarily remove a student from an area for up to two (2) days. In some instances, a student may be removed or placed on interim suspension for up to ten (10) days by the Disciplinary Officer. A decision regarding the permanent removal of a student (if necessary) from a classroom or area will be made by the Disciplinary Officer.

Question: Generally, for what reason(s) should a student be temporarily removed from a class or area?

Response: Trespassing; Non-Compliance/Failure to Leave, Health Reasons; Physical Safety Reasons; General Classroom/Area Disorder.

Question: What if a student refuses to leave my classroom/area after being warned?

Response: If you need assistance with removing a student, notify Campus Police at (415) 239-3200. When requesting assistance, please provide Campus Police with he following information: the name of person calling; location of incident; name of disruptive/non-compliant person; nature of the disruption.

Question: Do I still need to submit a Code of Student Conduct violation Report?

Response: Yes, you still must submit a report, even if the student left the classroom/area willingly or if Campus Police facilitated the removal.



Question: What if I have questions about completing a Notice of COSC report?

Response: Contact Student Conduct & Discipline staff members will be happy to assist you.