Ocean Campus

Batmale Hall, Room 120




We offer the following: printing, folding, cutting, padding, drill/hole punching, spiral binding, perforating, heavy duty stapling, collating-bookletmaking with two stitches, large or small format laminating, faxing, graphic design, redesign originals, pre-press, sign making, layout and paste-up.

Color photocopying & large format (posters) printing: prior approval from the appropriate school dean is required. Limitations and copyright restrictions are dutifully enforced. We provides assistance in the use of self-service copying machines. All services are available to faculty from any campus. Call or email us for special print time information. Appropriate order forms are available at all campuses & submit through inter-office mail or via email.


Instructors may obtain class record books, papers, and other office supplies immediately by obtaining a requisition form and returning the completed form to us. Such supplies are solely for the professional use of faculty. At any other campuses, contact the office of the campus dean. Each has its own system for the requisition and acquisition of supplies.


Instructors who wish to score examinations personally may use the scantron machines which are conveniently located as follows:

Ocean Campus

Arts building - Copier Room (2nd floor)

Batmale Hall - Room 102 / 455

Cloud Hall Room - 352 (Copier Room)

Science Building - Room 244 / 304

Emergency number to call if needed service: 1-800-824-2023