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The project addresses failing infrastructure systems at risk of catastrophic failure and addresses/corrects deficiencies that represent significant hazards to students, faculty, staff and the public at the Ocean Campus. The project addresses the inadequacies of the limited and aged existing campus infrastructure, the imminent risk of catastrophic failure that the College faces without significant repairs and replacement of this aged infrastructure, and the threat to the safety of the students, faculty, staff, public, facilities and educational programs that a failure of the infrastructure poses.

City College's Ocean Campus was established in 1935. Portions of the existing infrastructure were constructed in the 1930s, the 1940s, and expanded in the 1960s to serve the development of the college campus. Most of the existing infrastructure is original to these periods of development and supports the existing buildings that were constructed in the 1940s to early 1960s. Since that time, additional buildings have been added to the campus, and instructional methods and equipment have placed increased demands on power and teledata communications systems. A failure of these systems, or any one of these systems, would result in the closing of portions of - or the entire - campus.

The scope of the project is to repair, modify, replace and/or construct the following infrastructure systems:

  • fire fighting and fire suppression water
  • fire alarm and notification
  • potable water
  • sanitary sewer
  • storm drainage, surface run-off and on-site retention
  • natural gas distribution
  • electrical distribution
  • data and telecommunications
  • emergency notification
  • security
  • video surveillance
  • site lighting
  • central heating plant and heat distribution
  • irrigation systems

Project Budget

This project is funded by the California Community Colleges Capital Outlay Grant Program. Proposals for capital outlay funding were submitted annually, since 2014. The 2016 proposal was approved for funding.

The State appropriates funding in distinct fiscal years for implementation phases of the project:

  • Design Phase - $4.4 million
    • Anticipated funding in FY2017-18
  • Construction Phase - $57.8 million
    • Anticipated funding in FY2018-19

Project Status

  • Awaiting funding appropriation in July 2017 to begin design phase
  • Soliciting proposals for Project Management Services

Occupancy / Beneficial Use

  • Ocean Campus will remain occupied while infrastructure is replaced
  • Planning / Design Phase: July 2017 - June 2019
  • Construction Phase: July 2019 - June 2021

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