Accounts Payable

The accounts payable department is responsible for accurately tracking what’s owed to suppliers, ensuring payments are properly approved and processing payments. Accurate information on accounts payable is essential to producing an accurate balance sheet for the District. 

The basic AP process goes like this: The AP clerk receives the invoice. The clerk manually enters the data and checks the invoice against the purchase order and relevant general ledger (GL) account. The clerk routes the invoice for approval. Once approved, the clerk schedules payment against the invoice. 

Cash/Accounts Receivable

The accounts receivable department is in place to organize and process the receivables for the District. This includes entering and sending invoices, assigning payments, tracking due dates, demanding payment letters and collections, as well as doing the corresponding accounts analysis.

Financial Aid

We strive to support students throughout the financial aid process. We have the overall responsibility of administering federal and state financial aid and scholarships for the District with the assistance of the Financial Aid Department.  We make sure that the payment of aid has been disbursed.

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We provide budget assistance to the Office of Grants and Resource Development Department who facilitates and assists with all phases of proposal development, and post award grant management.

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Nick Pun

Lisa Ye

Marian Asu


The Bonds Accountant performs a variety of accounting functions, such as reconciliations, preparation of required reports, budgeting and forecasting for capital projects, monitoring financial information for compliance with bond requirements, and communication of information to internal departments.

Ben Lee, Bond Accountant

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