Student parking permits will not be sold for the Fall 2020 semester. Students may park in the designated student parking areas on campus (green parking symbols on Ocean Campus Map). Please do not park in the Staff/Faculty zones. For parking regulations, please refer to our Parking Information page.

Student Semester Parking Permits are available for purchase every semester through your Ram ID Portal. Purchase parking permits will be mailed out two weeks before the semester starts, to your most current student mailing address on file. Please update your address if needed before purchasing the permit. Parking permits will be mailed according to the mailing schedule should you have $0 balance.

How to Purchase Your Student Parking Permit

Note: You must pay all outstanding fees before you can purchase a parking permit.

  1. Login to your RAM ID Portal with your RAM ID Username and Password.
  2. Once logged in, click Student Portal.
  3. From your Student Portal, click myProfile.
  4. Click Purchase Parking Permit on the left column.
  5. Select the term for which you are buying the parking pass.
  6. Click on Enter Parking Info.
  7. Enter the necessary data and click on Assess Parking Fee.
  8. Click on the Confirm button to confirm purchase
  9. Click on the desired method of payment to pay.
  10. Enter your payment information and click submit to purchase.