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Important Notes - Fall 2020

Remote and In-Person Classes

Most Fall 2020 classes will be taught remotely in Canvas, and most student services will be delivered online and remotely. Certain courses that cannot be completed remotely will be held in-person following strict safety protocols. If you have questions about whether a class is offered remotely or not, check the online schedule. If the word “Remote” is after the title of the class, it will be taught remotely. If you do not see this word, the class may be fully or partly face-to-face, so please contact the instructor for more information.

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Your safety and education are our priorities

Whether your classes are in-person or online, your education doesn’t need to wait. We are committed to continue to provide all of our students with a quality education.

The Fall 2020 schedule contains both online and in-person classes; however, with the COVID-19 situation, we may need to make changes that may include temporary remote instruction.  

When we can resume in-person instruction, it will likely be in steps – some classes will resume in-person instruction while others remain remote, and the actual in-person instruction may look different than what we’re used to.  

We are working with local public health officials to monitor the public health situation carefully and are preparing for different possibilities. 

We will publish updates frequently as the situation develops. 

We stand ready to support you, and we’ll get through this together.


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