Horticulture Business Practice

Introduces students to the fundamentals required to run a horticultural enterprise. Addresses issues facing horticultural entrepreneurs as well as management challenges faced in larger horticultural businesses. Emphasis is on landscape-related businesses. Guest speakers from landscape design and construction, landscape maintenance, arboriculture, consulting, restoration management, nursery operations and others.

Greenhouse Production

Overview of commercial greenhouse operations including materials and construction, heating and cooling systems, containers and greenhouse equipment. Management of growing medium, irrigation, fertilization, temperature, growth regulators, CO2, and light. Alternative cropping systems, post-production storage and handling discussed. Crops surveyed include foliage, cut flowers, potted flowering plants and bedding plants.

Work Experience

Field application of principles taught in horticulture classes. A supervised work experience program with cooperating employers, providing hands-on experience and transition into commercial practice. Students acquire job experience, career development skills and practical workplace skills related to their chosen field of horticulture. Preparation of portfolios and resumes. One unit of credit is earned for 60 hours of unpaid or 75 hours of paid work.