Advanced National Electrical Codes

This class of the National Electrical Code (NEC) is intended for those students who are getting ready to take the California electrician's certification or the C10 licensing exam. It will focus on emergency and communication systems including broadband requirements. The course will prepare students for the licensing exam calculations including how to use chapter nine's tables on conduit fill and dimensions of wires. Finally, this course will use practice examples of load calculations for residential and commercial projects.

Intermediate National Electrical Code

Designed for second and third year electricians. Open to more experienced electricians. Includes load calculations for motors, compressors; requirements for connecting and grounding transformers; revisits calculating conduit fill. Covers equipment less commonly encountered by residential electricians, such as motors and electric vehicle charging stations. Also, requirements for photovoltaic systems.

Introduction to the National Electrical Code

Designed for first year electricians, this course examines how the National Electrical Code (NEC) is organized and designed to ensure best practices for the protection of personnel and equipment. Introduces common requirements for the wiring of residential and commercial spaces; introduces load calculations for sizing wire, conduit, boxes and other apparatus; instructs students in the most efficient ways to navigate the code.