The Puente Program was historically designed to increase the number of Latino students who enroll in four-year colleges and universities, earn college degrees and return to the community as mentors and leaders to future generations. Puente is open to all students. The Puente Program at City College of San Francisco has been recognized as #1 in California for a 62% UC transfer rate.

About the Puente Program

City College of San Francisco has two Puente cohorts, one located at the Ocean campus, and one at the Mission Center. Each cohort has a Puente counselor, a Puente English instructor, and mentoring. Students have the opportunity to select which cohort they would like to participate in during the application process.

English Instruction

A two-semester writing course sequence that incorporates Mexican American/Latino and other multicultural authors, experience, and issues, through which students progress from transfer-level writing (English 1A) through to critical thinking English 1B, in one year.


The Puente counselor provides students with sustained, in-depth, career and academic guidance throughout their enrollment at the community college. Counseling includes identifying lifetime goals, developing an educational plan, and assistance in transitioning to a four-year University.


Members of the professional community are recruited and trained to share with Puente students career advice regarding their personal experiences of integrating culture and family with academic and professional success.

Eligibility and Application 

Puente is open to all students that are eligible for English 1A.

Interested students must complete the application materials and submit them to Conlan Hall E205  as soon as possible before the Fall Semester.

Puente Application Materials