Dear CCSF Community,

In advance of the first day of the Fall Semester, I’m writing today to again express my deep gratitude for all the work faculty, staff, and administrators are doing to continue providing supportive services and a high-quality education to our students. We are well-aware of the unique challenges related to remote instruction during a public health crisis, and you all continually rise to the occasion.

With classes beginning later this week, Fall 2020 students have been invited to a virtual Welcome Day this coming Wednesday, the result of a collaboration between Student Affairs and RiSE. The event will familiarize students with all of the virtual services that continue to be available through the Virtual Help Counter, including academic counseling, financial aid, and career services workshops. Connecting our students to these vital services is critical to ensuring they have the support they need while our campus remains virtual.

Also coming up this Friday is the College’s first ever virtual Flex Day. If you haven’t yet had a chance to review the schedule, I encourage you to do so now – there are a number of excellent workshops being offered this year to support this year’s theme: Building a Thriving ECO-System at CCSF. Thank you to everyone whose work allowed this important professional development event to continue this year.

Another topic I’d like to address is the Fall 2020 schedule. As is common practice at the beginning of every semester, we have begun our enrollment audit of fall classes to ensure that we can provide the courses and sections that our students want – and need – to take. As we continue working through the budget process, we remain committed to maintaining a 20/21 schedule with teaching assignments equivalent to 1200 FTEF for the year.

Yours sincerely,

Rajen Vurdien, Ph.D.
Interim Chancellor
City College of San Francisco

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