City College of San Francisco (CCSF) will start a month-long celebration of African American History this February that includes participation in the citywide kickoff at City Hall on February 1st, and a series of workshops, lectures, film screenings, and panel discussions on the CCSF campus. The event series is championed by the College’s African American Studies Department chair, faculty members and students.

“While we strive to celebrate Black heritage throughout the year, we take advantage of the spotlight afforded by African American History Month. This year’s celebration is centered on engaging local institutions, histories, resources, and student voices,” said Aliyah DunnSalahuddin, Chair of the African American Studies Department at CCSF. “Now more than ever, it is important that we find new ways to discuss and analyze the Black experience in America and beyond.”

CCSF’s African American Studies Department offers courses in a number of areas to teach students the history, culture, and traditions of the African people, or people of African descent. The Department also provides courses which teach students the skills and proficiency necessary for matriculation and a successful career. Its existence is established on the premise that the African and African American experience in time and space is a legitimate subject of intellectual inquiry and academic endeavor.

“As City College’s first openly gay African-American Board President, this year’s Black History is particularly meaningful and special for me,” said Alex Randolph, President of the Board of Trustees at CCSF. “I’m proud that City College was the first LGBT Studies Department in the country that allows us to learn more about the great contributions of LGBT blacks like James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, and Bayard Rustin.”

Moreover, CCSF has established the African American Scholastic Programs (AASP) that provide comprehensive academic supports, programs and services, which include counseling (academic, career, personal), classes (English, Math, and other subjects), tutoring, a computer lab & study center and enrichment activities (i.e., Black College tours and fairs) to students of African and African American heritage, as well as all CCSF students.

The mission of the AASP is to provide students with appropriate services while demonstrating sensitivity and appreciation of different life situations and endeavors. AASP promotes student success and goal attainment through academic, career/vocational, and personal counseling. Students meet with academic counselors on a regular basis to create educational and career plans and monitor their progress. The Program was initially designed to assist African American students; and because of the richness of the Program, today, AASP serves a diverse student population.

The month-long celebration is supported by the College’s African American Studies Department,
Concerts and Lectures Series, Women’s Studies Department, Philippine Studies Department,
UMJOA/African American Scholastic Programs, CCSF Diversity Collaborative, Rosenberg
Library & Learning Resources, Media Center & Collaboratory, Southeast Center, Mission
Center, African American Art Culture Complex, San Francisco State University Bay Area
Television Archive.

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