Use the CURRICULUM module of CurricUNET to create, modify, delete, or review course outlines of record and official program descriptions -- all of which must be approved by the Curriculum Committee.


  • Credit, degree applicable
  • Credit, non-degree applicable
  • Noncredit
  • Distance Education Addenda
  • Honors Addenda


  • Majors
  • Certificates

Next steps

Review View curricula to learn more about how to use CurricUNET to search and view courses and programs across the college. 

Review Create proposal to learn more about how to use CurricUNET to launch a new, modify, or deactivate curricula proposal.

Review Approvals and Workflow to learn more about how to use CurricUNET to review and/or approve a launched proposal that is in the workflow.

Review the Curriculum Handbook to learn more about the CCSF policies, requirements, and standards for curriculum.