Assessment Reports

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Use the Assessment module of CurricUNET to create, modify, submit, and view official assessment reports for SLOs, SSOs, and AUO.


  • SLO -- Student Learning Outcome (assessed, reviewd, and submitted by faculty)
  • SSO -- Student Service Outcome (submitted by faculty and staff working in student and academic services)
  • AUO -- Administrative Unit Outcome (submitted by employees working in administrative units and services)

Assessment Report Types

  • Administrative Unit Outcomes
  • Academic and Student Service SSOs and SLOs
  • Counseling Program SLOs
  • Certificate and Major Program SLOs (PSLOs)
  • Course-level SLOs
    • CRN-level SLOs (submitted by each instructor for each section)
    • Deep-read course assessment (submitted at least once every 3 years reviewing ALL course SLOs over multiple semesters)
  • Institutional-Level Outcomes (ILOs)
  • General-Education-Level Outcomes (GELOs) 

What are the CCSF Assessment Requirements?
Learn more at the CCSF Assessment website.