Student Parking Permits

Parking Permit Purchase Process

Please follow these steps for purchasing a Parking Permit over the

Web at

1.   Click on the MyCCSF link

2.   Click on Login to SSB (Web4) on the column For Students

3.   Enter you RAM ID Username and Password

4.   Click Student Portal

5.   Click myProfile

6.   Click Purchase Parking Permit on the left column

7.   Select Term

8.   Click on Enter Parking Info.

9.   Enter data and click on Assess Parking Fee

10.   Click on the Confirm button to confirm purchase

11.   Click on the desired method of Payment to pay

( All fees must be paid prior to purchase of permit)!

Parking permits will be mail out two weeks before semester starts, to your most current student mailing address on file. Please update your address if needed before purchasing the permit. Parking permits will be mailed according to the mailing schedule should you have $0 balance.