Instructor Bio

My name is Dayamudra Ann Dennehy. I teach ESL in online and face-to-face classes. I have worked with language learners at all levels of English language proficiency in Credit, Non-Credit, and Vocational classes at CCSF since 1999.

I started teaching in 1991 in the California public schools. I have taught on both coasts of the U.S., at a private language school in Indonesia, and at grassroots educational projects, with a Mayan weaving cooperative in Guatemala and a Roma/Gypsy community program in Hungary. I founded and have served as Creative Director at an alternative educational center in India, which I led with an India-based team, from 2008 to 2021. I have led workshops and presentations at CATESOL, SxSW EDU, The Online Teaching Conference, and with the CVC/OEI.

In 2021 I completed my doctorate in Educational Equity & Social Justice from SFSU. I am currently an EPIC Fellow at Stanford University.

My name means "Gesture of Compassion".

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