Office Hours

I am available mostly by appointment. I prefer to be contacted by Canvas Inbox, but if you cannot get onto Canvas, you can email me at An important tip is to go to MUB 150 at Ocean Campus to have A & E (Admissions & Enrollment) help you with your RAM ID password, because it really helps you a lot to be able to get onto Canvas. ^_^ My best days are usually Monday afternoons and Friday mornings. But if you cannot do these, we can figure something out. =) 

Instructor Bio

I was born and raised in San Francisco. Yes, I'm a native San Franciscan, lol! I went to City College of SF, yes, here, after high school, got my A.A. degree, then went to SF State University for my B.A. in Liberal Studies and Drama. At first, I wanted to be an elementary school teacher, but the kids never listened to me; I was too much their friend! I did more acting things after I graduated, but I also was a teacher's aide in US Citizenship in CCSF's Chinatown-North Beach Campus for 9 years, working with noncredit ESL students, mostly Levels 1-4. After 6 years, my mom asked me if I ever thought about becoming an ESL teacher, and I did like working at Chinatown, so I went back to school, but this time University of SF, and got my M.A. degree in Teaching ESL. 

I taught at Advanced English Academy, a language institute, taught all levels from beginning to advanced, and then applied to CCSF and Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill. I have taught mostly noncredit at CCSF since 2014, and at the Institute for international students, preparing them for moving into credit classes. I also taught credit at DVC for 4 years. Being that I spent so much time in noncredit as a teacher's aide, noncredit is where my heart is; it's where I fell in love with ESL and working with ESL students. 

Coronavirus killed my job for a couple semesters, but I am lucky to still be here.  I am a part-time teacher, and I also teach acting for TV and film at another school called First Take Acting. I have fun teaching at both places, because variety is the spice of life! ^_^ I teach both online and in person classes at both schools. Anyway, I hope to work with you all in the near future! 


Danny =]